Coinbase Granted VISA Membership, Ready To Issue Crypto-Backed Cards (And Not Only For Them)

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According to a story published on Forbes less than a day ago, Coinbase was granted principal membership by Visa, which basically means it will be able to issue crypto-backed cards that can be used everywhere Visa is accepted. The interesting part is that this membership grants Coinbase the right to issue cards for other companies as well, something that might not be seen soon, but it's worth keeping on the table.

Visa clarified that they will not accept crypto by themselves, it's only Coinbase which will facilitate the transparent exchange.

This news means that we may actually be able to buy our cup of coffee with Bitcoin soon (if you're in EU or UK, Coinbase won't launch cards on US for now).

Also, this increased liquidity will probably help the long awaited bull run in the crypto world, as it will probably boost demand.

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