Binance Undergoing Unannounced "Temporary Maintenance" - Potential Hack?

in #steem2 months ago (edited)

Just half an hour ago Binance announced temporary maintenance and halting of almost all operations:

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 1.02.23 PM.png

As this is completely announced, one can only speculate if there isn't some more serious thing going on. Usually when trading is halted abruptly like this, there is something going on.

Interestingly enough, wallet deposits and withdrawals are stopped.

Stay safe.

Later edit:

On Twitter, CZ announced there was a technical problem, apparently only hardware related, and that funds are, and I quote: SAFU.

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 1.07.08 PM.png

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Yes I saw the chart freeze and wondered why they were down.

This coincided with the Mercury stationary retrograde in the past day (astrological point in the calendar that can signify glitches).

Voted for you as witness.

Thanks for the witness vote, appreciate it!

Didn't make the correlation with Mercury retrograde, but I do observe these cycles and it makes total sense :)

I only have $50 worth of cryoto there, but I'm taking all out. Feels safuer in a non exchange wallet. I know that they said is not a hack, but anyways... About 10 mins ago it was 5/8 there...

Ok, let's wait and see how this unfolds.

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