Steem Proposals | Vote for "Return Proposal" and secure SPS from discontinued/inactive proposals.

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Several proposals are currently funded even though their owners publicly stated their plans to move all their supports and infrastructures to support Hive.

Please use the link below and vote for the Return Proposal initiated by @gtg to secure the dao from being used in something not related to the Steem chain or the Steem community.

I will not speak about sending back a portion of the amount received by the owners of those proposals, I will just leave it to their sane conscience.



Are u supporting hive or steem ?

sorry for the confusion

I was excluded from the airdrop initiated by Hive. It's a clear message that some people don't want me there for reasons that I consider as segregational and based on something far from logic and righteousness. To be honest, I don't want to take part in such a place, where people are hammered down just because of their opinions, where anyone who doesn't provide unconditional support is seen as a traitor.

Steem is my only home now, I will honor it and do my best to promote and make it shine again.

Thank for passing by @rasberrypi,

Excellent that you are still supporting Steem blockchain. Lets do what we can. @steemit

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