An Insider's View of the Steem Platform's Power with Content Director Andrew Levine

in steem •  5 months ago

image of andy levine

What's up guys!

We've prepared a 3 part interview with Steem Content Director Andrew Levine over on CoinCentral. Figured you guys would be interested.

Check out Part 1 of the interview here. The other parts will be up in the next couple days.

Drop any feedback below. Take care!

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Great interview so far, Doug! Nice to see you being more interested of what's going on with Steem. :)

Good interview!
First link inside article points to wrong URL, please change to or


Had this fixed. Thanks.

Nice one @dougpolkcrypto! Been a sub of yours for some time now since the poker days and it’s great to see this interview here with a friend, plus about Steem no less! Thanks for doing this, I really think this platform deserves more exposure. Edit: where's best for us to chat about crypto by the way?



Fantastic interview! You have made it very clear why Steem is shining against many other coins. Thanks for the visibitly effect. Three more episodes to come? Nice!


Actually just 2 more (I was mistaken when I said 4). Part 2 and 3 should both be up by the end of the day tomorrow.

You the man @dougpolkcrypto! One of these days I’ll see you at the poker tables in Vegas! 😂

This is awesome, I remember watching his video on Steem a while ago

Doug you fucking dick, it's about time you posted some new content! Your fans have been sitting here circle jerking each other off to JNandez content on the web whilst you guys sat around chewing your finger nails.

Looking forward to the next parts! Really good interview so far!

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This interview should not just be read and forgeted. What is the main purpose of this interview??.
Most of us have entered steemit, with crypto mindset, earning tokens and monetizing them. Due to this mindset we have ignored the beauty of steem, steemit and their blockchain. Most of the steemians here have never get hold of google #AdSense, blogging and earnings with contents. It was not easy before #steemit to get traffic for videos on #YouTube. We know very well what is the criteria for earnings through #YouTube and #Google partner program. Feel that pain and then come on steemit.
Steem has literary done that thing "the average Joe can do too".
Steem is the best in all departments, best crypto, best blockchain, best social media platform, best blogging etc. Rational and unbiased thinking will show us the true insight of this wonderful entity. Nothing can be compared to it because nothing is like steem or no way neer to it.

This is so dope! One of the first youtubers from whom I heard about steem/steemit and, the first person from whom I learned about steem's economics, also from youtube. Tho at the time I had no idea @andrarchy was such a big shot. lol
Great looking out guys, can't wait for the next parts!

This is great, Doug.

I'm trying to crack the code about what brings people who already have audiences to Steem and what the major pain points are. Would love to hear your number one issue you've had so far.

There are so many apps on STEEM which id great because it allows users of the blockchain to pick their preferred content platform to create on. Content curators can also choose where they prefer to consume on. The great thing is that it all flows through the same blockchain. It acts as an interoperable social media platform.


All those apps act as steem propellers. The value of those great apps will be appreciated and felt more in a long run when steem will emerge as a great crypto and steemit as the best content SMP.

wow, nice ... like actual P.R. , i can dig that

new sub

This makes me feel so much better about Steem. I was starting to feel like the place was becoming irrelevant.

What a great interview! This is what people need to read and to realize.

Thank you for your situation, you are good and waiting for your other works to be a nice post, thank you for waiting for the next post.

Looking forward to the next parts! Really good interview so far!

Good to see you active on Steemit again!

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing.......

great job.

I loved the interview! This is more for the crypto world, where there's no more crypto barrier to break, but there are still crypto fans.