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RE: Steemit VS. Facebook & Co: How Can Steemit Compete With The Giants? (7 Strategies To Look Into)

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Wonderful marketing and visibility insights. I always enjoy reading your posts!


Me too! They're always insightful!

Did you see her latest about writing tips? It's excellent! I actually happen to follow some of them. I just thought to mention it in case you've missed it. Well, worth a read!

Oh, and great post once again @inboundinken! :)

Thanks @the-alien! Appreciate the nice comment :)

👍amazing post @inboundinken , steemit will be biggest in the world, Steemit will be the best of social media in the future

I think it would be cool Steemit Vs Blogger :)
But this is a post that is creative, a good job for you @inboundinken

It was amusing. Very Idealistic, not sure it was for business, but it was well done. Thanks for sharing.

i do agree
because your coment simpely

Thanks @donkeypong! Appreciate the nice feedback :)

The job is done here @inboundinken and it is a great article, but im pretty sure that such thing as "steemit - facebook compete" is possible for a very short frame of time, because facebook does not allows their users to monetize their content so well- and we have it over here. Steemit getting bigger than facebook is just a matter of time ( if nothing unexpected is going to happen ) and thus it will win with other social-media giants.

But it is only my opinion :) feel free to argue with it haha ;)

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