Naked Shorting, Tool of the Financial Elite part 2

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Read part 1 here

Just a short follow up on my previous post found on @mitthradiumn's page, here

To be clear, the discussed activity requires the collusion of 3 parties. The actual shorting entities engaged in the price manipulation (...maybe suspect US & Canadian hedge funds like Anson), the trading houses that issue the fabricated short shares (they get paid unsuprisingly huge commissions; TD, RBC, Scotia, CIBC and Coremark come to mind), and the various regulatory authorities are aware of the activity but turn a blind eye, or worse actively contribute to it. (TSxv, OSC, IROC, other Prov'l Securities Commissions at high levels).

But what are we, am I, all so upset about? Well, what is a career criminal to do? They are legalizing Marijuana so no future there, gambling has been legalized every where, pretty slim pickings for the criminally minded. Hold on, there is a great future in stock manipulation, an old boys club with massive profits, that no one takes it seriously (at least in terms of accountability). On the unlikely chance you get caught, you will have plenty of money to lawyer up and baffle them with bullshit for years to come. Worse case scenario you have to pay a few fines and/or settle out of court. But don't worry, you only have to pay if you are feeling charitable, because these laws essentially have no enforcement. So go ahead and steal to your heart's content!

It's enough to make me feel sick with joy.

Though I doubt as sick as my fellow old boys are beginning to feel, realizing the ride is starting to come to an end. Rampant corruption, overpowering political influence and the abuse thereof, blatant and needless neutering of our children's futures by imposing absurd debt standards- I'll let the young handle the rhetoric, I'd just like to end on a positive note: though, like the rest of us, my time on earth is slowly coming to an end, I can at least rest easy on the likelihood of a peaceful death, and ultimately having led a successful life and career.

However, to my fascist, corrupt, incompetent bungling fellow old boys who have our economy dancing a top a precipice with room but for one foot: I hope these cryptocurrency kids shove a Molotov cocktail firmly down each and every one of your deserved urethras. New boy's club seems to be emerging, and they don't seem to like you. Ain't that some shit.


Read part 1 here


Hello Steemian! haha you've a very special humor and manner of communication. SOmebody can be abused and says it's ride and inpolite but i will say...I like it

I appreciate your support, I think ?

That was a copy n paste, but if you dunno whether to appreciate the support you should appreciate that without his ridculous, unattainable cleanliness standards i likely would of managed to drown and/or suffocate in trash by now

maybe not so ridiculous

No idea what you are talking about but OK I DO appreciate his support

(thats my roommate

(u dunce)

I read the first instalment, instantly hit follow on this account and was waiting with baited breath for this second one, you did not let me down, SUPERB, I love it, one honest old trader blowing the lid "wide open" I tip my hat to you sir, you are one of "US" now, and we like you very much.

Thanks Deliberator, Very kind comments. The corruption and moral decay associated with these old boys networks, not to mention the sense of entitlement, well frankly, it makes me sick as you can tell

unfortunately as long as there are pension funds especially government run ones we will always have a stock market and the price manipulation that goes with it - thats why I'v never invested in stocks

Post very important!!!

Someone called me? I heard Molotov cocktails...
I'm sure the old boys also have a lot to do with the recent fluctuation of crypto... They are trying to get in, so they stir the waters, make everyone panic. Crypto doenst feel like the underground anymore, which means that strings will be tied to it on one end and the other will be attached to the new masters. Of course there are still ways to win big for the little guys... especially here... still time to make what you like and collect the coins :)

Virtually everyone involved in investment and finance over 50 have no idea what crypto is. They all feel the recent rise is a bubble that has been popped. We will see.

A sad commentary on the realities of the world of finance. The more I see how we are fodder for the elite, the more I embrace means to escape the traditional monetary system

Thanks there Bang. Your name is provocative!!!

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