Who to vote as steem witness?

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Since last year my witness votes remained the same and did not care about who i voted and on who went my votes.

Browsing through my esteem-app because i love it, i found a topic where they recommend vote for witness @good-karma and of course i want it to pay him somehow for his great work and i found i have 13 votes remaining from 30 possible votes.

I am glad @good-karma was already voted since last year as witness but some of the witness like @utopian-io or @teamsteem have their witness nodes disabled for 34 weeks and 14 weeks.

This beeing said i have 15 votes left out of 30.

In this moment i already voted for this guys:

Like i said, @utopian-io and @teamsteem are disabled.

Please, recommend some witness, some of them working hard with many projects and if we are not rich to pay them, at least we can give them our votes.


You have 5 votes remaining. You can vote for a maximum of 30 witnesses.

5 votes left


Should be aware of your witnesses. I suggest @jackmiller, @guiltyparties, @adsactly-witness, @untersatz, @thekitchenfairy and @c0ff33a. I know all of them personally and can vouch for their integrity on and off chain.

Fair enough, right away after comming home i vote them, thank you for recommandation 👍

Excellent, if you have any left over, can always throw me one too :)

Here, lemme throw you a ❤


Done, Thank you for doing good stuff for steem community 😉 👍

Done, all votes went to the crew 😉 👍 including you of course.

Rock on man, thank you from all of us😎

Give some hints guys, who to vote as witness?

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