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RE: Denial of Service Vulnerability Fix

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Hi @steemitblog, thanks for sharing. Are you from the Steemit team? Your profile doesn’t say all that much about you. Looks like you follow just 5 people… @roboza @cgame @thecryptofiend @alkafir and @rmach. Those people must be your core team members? Good to know! Anywho, it might be a good idea to update your profile info so that people know more about who you are and what kind of blog you have. Let’s start with something simple. A profile pic!

If you’d like to add a profile pic, click settings and upload a photo… Wait… the “settings” tab can’t do that. First… you actually need to click the “wallet” tab. OK… then you’ll arrive at, it’s another website. Don’t worry though… it will all make sense soon. So you’ve arrived at to change your profile picture. OK… you’ll notice that you’re not logged in anymore. You need to log into your account a second time using one of those four passwords. Wait… actually, a login window will pop up and suggest that you use the posting key, but that’s actually not right… it’s the active key that does stuff for the wallet. Right? Not sure. From there, click the wallet settings button to upload an image for your profile. So simple! Now click update at the bottom. Great! It’ll take some time to show up but it does show up eventually. Now you want to back to your profile. To return to your profile page, click the tiny “blog” tab hiding in the corner. OK, now we are back in action! Congratulations @steemitblog, you now have a profile picture.


Thanks! Lol this actually helped me with what I was looking for

Yeah, but you’re probably still logged into your wallet since it hasn’t been auto-signing out when you close your browser.

It’s possible that this has been fixed though. Maybe.

Humrph, so many steps.

Hello, I'm not part of the team. Just a regular Steemian.


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