Three Reasons Why Steemit Is The Best Option For Work And Investment

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Four months ago Steem and SBD had a value below 1 $, today they are worth 500 - 600% more. If we compare the growth of Steem and Bitcoin for 2017, we will see that it is more worthwhile to invest in Steem than in Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a great value $13,606.70 and people believe that he is a real gold. Steem has a small value compared to Bitcoin $ 4.59, people are easier to invest in 3000 Steem than in 1 BTC. If we observe the stock exchanges, all currencies have fallen, the reason for the news from China is to abolish the mining of Bitcoin. This is timely and the value will start to grow very quickly, so do not panic, invest now when the value has fallen down. My prediction is that Steem will be worth $ 100 by the end of 2018, calculate how much money you will have

Steemit pays its active users, while all other social networks do not. New users can earn from $ 500 to $ 1,000 in the first month of their work. The average salary in my country is $ 300 - $ 400, this is a great opportunity for all people as an additional job or as a main job. There are countries where the average salary is less than $ 100, for which Steemit is a source of wealth. The value of Steem and SBD increases depending on the number of users who are active and who promote Steemit and investments. Our task and responsibility is in the promotion of Steemit, we need to bring other users to our happy family. In this way, we help ourselves and others, because the value of our currencies is growing, and with this our earnings go to the star.

Steem has the fastest blockchain technology in the world, it gives a great advantage to all users - we do not wait for the transaction for a few hours, only for a few seconds. Steem keeps a record of all time with 1,388,172 daily Transaction, and its capacity is not burdened like ETH. This is a great advantage that investors like to hear, it's really fantastic. We as users and investors can relax and enjoy. We write blogs and communicate through comments, we earn greatly and tell people about it. I met many wonderful people, I got new friends from all over the world, I feel beautiful and I am very grateful to Steemit. See details on

Steemit gives incredible opportunities and knowledge. We have so many good bloggers, experts who teach us from art to work on the stock market. I made several good investments thanks to excellent information, it's even more important for me to learn a lot of new things. The Steemit communication system makes us kind, fair, and behave in the right way.
My whole family became part of the Steemit family (my wife and son, my two brothers and their children). We are all very happy to work on the same platform, now we have communication every day. People like to see evidence, show people your score and they will follow you.

Believe in yourself @dobartim


steemit is a safe haven for me. the power of these blockchain is incredible. says a lot about this blockchain

this is very great information @dobartin,
I am very excited to read about the steam price of late 2018.
do you think steem price later this month will increase or decrease.

Steem can be 8-10$ to the end of this month

ok friend, thanks for the information.
if the price of SBD by @dobartin, the end of this month what price.

Information are facts, this is prediction.

I fully agree with you, my friend, that because of the lack of stability in the Steem markets, it is becoming more attractive and investing in it is better than in Bitcoin. Thank you @dobartim

Steemit is amazing

Yes steemit is the best way for investment . Today steem rate is very low every one can invest in steem

This is exellent for all of us

You are right

@dobartim, nisam toliko u prici sa marketom ali mi je drago da si mi potvrdio razmisljanje o investiranju u Steem :)I odlican post, kratak i jasan, hvala :)

Hvala na odlicnoj podrsci

Wow.. all the family on the Steemit now.. lucky i got my sister on board lol .. huh 100 $ per steem token ... its life changing! !! 😂

Steemit has given me a beautiful 2018 so far and am willing to invest in it all the way, i make it a duty telling people about this with the numbers to back my testimony, thanks for sharing

Yes it will be a good investment in steem. hopefully the value of Steem will also increase. In my opinion blockchain is here to stay. A proper investment for the long term.
This article deserves appreciation and recognition.Keep it up dear @dobartim

Blockchain is here to stay indeed, BTC not so much.

Thank you for support

agreed. I have been in steemit since October 2017 but hardly understand how it works until I attend a steemit meetup in Cebu.. I learned a lot and it changed a lot of lives to do home-based work now. Thank you @dobartim

Make good comment , this is first step for success on Steemit

Goran, I would like to ask your opinion about steem dollars. I am not succeeding here now but have some steem dollars I earned before. The price is falling down now and I don`t know what to do with them, maybe it is better to change them for steem? I think there are more chances for steem to grow than for a steem dollar, of course I had to do it earlier, when the price of a steem dollar was much higher but I did not. Do you think that steem dollar will grow again or it will continue falling? I am just not experienced at cryptocurrency.

It's better to invest in Steem, SBD is constantly produced, and Steem has already been manufactured, and Steem Power is purchased (about 73% Steem is in Steem power)

Enjoy the vote and reward!

Hello! I'm an older brother @ Kristinljfom, Christina asked me to help her, and I'm not completely at it. how do you think it is better to dispose of about 400 Sbd. transfer to the steem or rent them steempower? what do you think?

Ifeel you @dobartim and i hope your theory is right if the steem reach $100 wow... that is a big amount here in the Philipines...

You must to beleive - Now we have 560 000 users on Steemit - on the end of 2018 we will have minimum 20 000 000 users

Over half a million already?
Seems like yesterday when we only had 30K users.

Well said, keep investing in Steemit and it’ll return the favor.

You forgot the fun part! This is way better then working all day everyday.

the best is yet to come after SMTs come in play it might go higher. looking at $15 - $20 steem

We will see

Awesome post sir... Enlightened on the neccessity of investing in and advertising the steemit community.
Brought in my kid sis in already. Tanx again @dobartim

For paying steemians just for socializing alone makes it a reason to invest time and content.

Steem is best cryptocurrency.
It is going to huge this year

St remit is the best of the best

True talk..I would forever be grateful to the day I found Steemit. Nice post

Thanks for stopping

alwasy loved your researches .. and yeah this is great totally aggree with you ..

The time to sell any profit was last week, better to HODL now!

If in doubt, power up.

wow amazing think , i wiil try my best in steemit , please support me

I think steemit is here to stay because it is a very huge database of information and also because the users keep posting and they keep on adding value to the website.

Yes,steemit is the best investment.

very good your post this could be a reference for us all in taking choice

Yes, it is very high but the last 2 things are falling :(

Wow.. all of the circle of relatives on the Steemit now.. fortunate i were given my sister on board lol .. huh one hundred $ consistent with steem token ... its lifestyles converting! !! 😂

the value of networks is Metcalfe's law so if im the first person on steemit lonely place not much to do , all of a sudden 100 people join you can connect up vote people so they actually increased the value of my account and Steemit platform inadvertently or not even knowing SO it's classic network effects a billion people on Steemit that's a billion squared right! so all the sudden the value gets exponentially greater and more people join every day so you said people believe that btc is a real gold i think this is bitcoin 2.0