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A big battle is developing between the ruling class and the rapid changes in the blockchain technology. Centralized business with King Capitalism at the top of a pyramid that controls all manoeuvres and decisions becomes a dinosaur that does not have enough flexibility for quick and creative solutions. Ideas in a decentralized system gain total freedom in a new dimension of fluid creativity. The liberated potential of businessmen and developers brings a large number of new applications waiting to make a personal Steem Token. Steem's value is growing and it's not a coincidence, we're entering at a time when more and more people will see the power of the Steem blockchain. We come to the pedestal that is visible for investors, developers and businessmen. The power of diversity and open cooperation and support gets powerful innovations in the form of applications that attract new users, which means that we get a greater number of investors.

Behind us, we left a difficult time in which Steem received great support and new creative experience from users who had the will and strength to help. A strategy to reduce costs and help and stimulate the development of a new platform and program that attracts new users is a key part that will increase the value of the Steem blockchain. We see that the small growth of Steem brings great enthusiasm to all users, this is the time for all of us to seriously begin to promote Steem as a future that will bring blessings.

Steem brings profits to investors, Steem provides the opportunity for developers and business applications to make applications with their tokens, Steem is a young and innovative project that will soon show its true power. Steem blockchain is attractive for rich countries, poor countries, artists, scientists, bloggers, writers, developers, bakers, geniuses and ordinary people. Steemit and other solutions provide a wide range of options for accepting all levels of society, that is, the synergy advantage of Steem blockchain.

Systematization of education, exchange of ideas and a concrete mix of users and investors add a specific value to sophisticated business tastes. Steemit is a project of magnificent proportions, it is the energy and engine that has triggered the interests of people. I am happy because I see new users with high voting power, which is a real sign that the Steam blockchain is growing and going in the right direction. This is the time for wise investment decisions, the timer shows five minutes to 12, be brave and invest in Steem.

Steem blockchain is a good business, good investment, a good deal for all people on our planet. Steem is a challenge and prestige for people with a higher level of intelligence and awareness, who understands the unlimited potential that develops every day opens the gate of abundance and success. The possibility of requiring us courage and responsibility to promote Steem potential, the sense of belonging and the vision of financial freedom are a true motive for all of us.

The hardest thing is when you are at the beginning and when you do not know what can happen, Steem enters a stable phase that leads us to the star. The hardest was to the first users who paved the way for all of us, now new users have support and help in many places. The reality has changed as well as the business models that give us gifts as a sign of attraction, in our case, we make coins. Every day I see a new user with nice ideas, new applications with innovative solutions.

All I wrote is not so important. What matters is your decision on what to do when you know that it's time to invest, that you can fit into Steem blockchain and to achieve top results? Everyone has the right to spend personal life in his nonsense, that's what my dad said to me, now I transfer my experience to you. The applied knowledge is power, all that inspires you to do one step forward is the right thing for you.



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