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If you didn't know @oracle-d.tasks is running marketing efforts in the form of tasks that any steemian can participate in and get rewarded for helping to get the word out about steem. As well as we have our twitter steem hustle team on the twitter battle field daily bringing awareness to the platform. These tasks add extra fuel to the steem train and you are free to get involved and market this wonderful blockchain we love.

To learn more about the current task check the link below:

Below is a share2steem of the tweet I sent to Elizabath Warren who was recently talking about Facebook and the power they hold ( other big tech companies as well). She was censored for making a debate on the topic about this power on Facebook. ( How ironic) Well oracle.d is taking advantage of this to bring awareness to steem. If someone like her were to join steem it would be full steem ahead bull-et train style.

Quoted Tweet : Link to the Tweet

@DMilliz ディー
@ewarren It’s sad the masses don’t see this! Preach it @ewarren! . How can we brake them up? Well the only solution is BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY, the thing that many fear, while others embrace and are creating a new path, one of #FreedomOfSpeech #CensorshipResistant it’s called #steem 🍀

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did you make that one? not bad!👍


The graphic? Nah it wa s @oracle-d.tasks . Check out their tasks we can do to help market steem. Some interesting things talking place. Oh you can get rewarded for doing them too.

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