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Hey lets start setting up steem themed rooms in VRchat and start a bridge between vrchat and dlux.io i mean vrchat is already there, i think itd be really nice to use as much of vrchat as possible and just start including Steem Prices and have them live inside a VRchat map that can be custom built easily, with existing tools all inside Steam all occulus and htc vive compatible etc, we can have VRchat players coming into our steem room without any special software, and they canEVEN have a discord player t hat broadcats to a discord room,

oh oh and you can even have a dlux.io in browser player controlling a live person inside vrchat to actually find active rooms etc since there are many people playing vrchat.....imagine seeing them come by a live web camand representing steem, live streaming and showing the prices of steem, showing live post counts and comment counts,

i thiink VRchat has some simple ways t show a live video inside

you take the fish to live for one day, or you want learn how to fishing and live everyday...?

How did you implement the market thing? Also are token transaction public? Is there a block explorer for tokens? Need answers to a lot of questions.

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Implement the market... still a work in progress. All transactions are public. token.dlux.io/state is the current dump for testing but you can find individual balances at token.dlux.io/@disregardfiat

We have lots of answers :)

The more specific details of the DEX are outlined in the architecture video. It is still a WiP but anybody running this node software and holding a liquid dlux balance will automatically utilize escrow transactions to help fascilitate open ended contracts... with block rewards as incentives instead of fees... which would be problematic to distribute in this ad-hoc arrangement.

I was asking the technology used behind the scenes. Are you using steem-state or engine?

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Steem-state is the state machine, the rest of the logic and using that state as a control mechanism is custom.

How did you implement the market thing? Also are token transaction public? Is there a block explorer for tokens?

Participants build a DAG between themselves of agreed upon actions. For the most part these transactions are still in the steem block explorer as custom json. The DAG can currently be viewed at token.dlux.io/state (state dump for testing)

What is the incentive to run a Dlux node?

These nodes pay out some block rewards to the participants that perform transactions. Turn your Resource Credits in to DLUX then in to STEEM through the DEX.

We at Ambr love DAG technology!

Let's build a STEEM ETH bridge :) with our token systems!

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Highly rEsteemed!

Hola caballero, una consulta como empiezo a realizar las actividades que se deben hacer en esta plataforma?

That's something really cool.

That is awesome! Hope you do well

This is really cool! Congrats

@dlux-io the use dag is impressive, can you tell some other techniques as well?

Awesome content of DLUX thx

excelente video

I agree, hopefully the application of the market will be better for every development

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Good project with a good team. Thanks for this post.

new project cool hope will give more benefit to steem users

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What is the incentive to run a Dlux node?

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Very nice post

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