DLIKER - Launch of New Token on STEEM Engine By DLIKE

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Hello Steemians!

We are excited to announce the launch of new token for Dlike platform on STEEM Engine. Below are basic details about new token

  • New tokens launched on STEEM Engine are, DLIKER and DLIKEM
  • DLIKER token is built for dlike platform so no specific tags are needed to get upvote
  • Any user can stake DLIKER token to upvote and curate posts on dlike
  • Posts on DLIKE platform will also get DLIKER upvotes from main @dlike account
  • What are DLIKER and DLIKEM Tokens?

    DLIKER is native token for DLIKE platform based on STEEM ENGINE. DLIKEM is the mining token which users can stake to earn DLIKER tokens every hour.

    How DLIKER works?

    DLIKER tokens are distributed in 2 ways

    1. 75% Proof of brain (50% authors – 50% curators)
    2. 25% Proof of Mining

    Proof of brain is the basis of STEEM blockchain which means create content and curate content to get rewarded.

    As compared to steem engine based tribes, where users have to use a specific tag to get upvoted, DLIKER is built for dlike platform so only posts made on dlike platform gets upvoted without use of any specific tag.

    Any user can stake DLIKER tokens to upvote and curate dlike posts to earn rewards.

    All users of dlike platform will get upvotes from main @dlike account just like they are upvoted for steem. Every PRO user will get 3x upvote as compared to other users.

    DLIKER has 50% author and 50% curation reward split. The curation reward generated for main @dlike account will be burnt after paying daily reward to delegators out of it. ( see details of delegation below)

    Payout window is 7 days and un-stake period is 9 weeks.

    Dedicated account to kill abuse @nodlike4u (1M tokens staked)

    DLIKER token rewards claim, staking and transfer options will be available in dlike wallet in coming weeks.

    DLIKE Miner Token – DLIKEM

    DLIKE Miner token (DLIKEM) can be staked to passively earn DLIKER tokens. 25% of the inflation pool goes to the miners and there are 40 winning miners each hour.

    In addition to hourly DLIEKR token reward for miners, top 21 DLIKEM stakers will earn equal number of DLIKE tokens every week.

    DLIKEM is available in limited number of 40k tokens out of which 33k are available as sell wall on Steem Engine Market for 10 days. Any unsold miners out of these will be burnt permanently. So after 10 days, the only way to get miners will be on the open market from other users.

    Delegation Rewards For Delegators

    We will be shifting delegation reward to DLIKER token from DLIKE in next couple of weeks. This will apply to all existing delegators as well as new delegators.

    We will be rewarding all delegators on daily basis in the form of DLIKER at a rate of 25% APR. This daily reward will be paid out of curation reward generated for main @dlike account as remaining curation balance will be burnt permanently. To earn daily delegation rewards (DLIKER Tokens), delegate SP (STEEM Power) to @dlike.

    Inflation Pool Details

    With a pre-minted 1.5B DLIKER tokens, we have set inflation pool at 5% per year which will generate 73584000 DLIKER tokens this year. Inflation rate will decrease 0.5% each year till it reaches 1%.

    Out of initial supply, here is split of tokens as more than 75% of this initial supply will be burnt as per community consensus.

  • 50M for airdrops
  • 25M for Marketing and operations
  • 25M for Team and Management
  • 12M for Bounties and Partnerships
  • 13M for Community Moderation
  • 100M for Business development to on-board masses from out of steem community
  • DLIKER Airdrop – Most Active Users Get Most out of Airdrop

    We will be airdropping a reasonable amount (10M-50M) of DLIKER tokens to our users on the basis of their commitment to the platform. All the airdropping will be slow and continuous for next few months to avoid any dumping.

    Airdrop will be widespread with few of the below agreed parameters.

    PRO users 10k DLIKER Each

    To honor the commitment of our PRO users, we will airdrop 10k DLIKER tokens to each of the PRO users after 2-3 weeks.

    Early DLIKER Buyers

    We will airdrop to all those early buyers who buy DLIKER tokens in first sell wall of 8 days.

    Early DLIKER Stakers

    All those users who will stake DLIKER will receive highest percentage of DLIKER airdrops.

    Active Curators

    All those users who will be actively taking part in curation, will get airdrops on regular times.

    For user who Staked DLIKE Tokens

    All those users who have staked DLIKE tokens for 90 days/180 days will also get DLIKER airdrop

    DLIKER Initial Sell Wall on STEEM Engine

    We have created an initial sell wall on STEEM ENGINE Market. Tokens are available in a very limited quantity around 1M and there will be no more sell orders from issuing account once these are either filled or 8 days after launch, when anything remaining will be burnt permanently.

    DLIKER - A new era for DLIKE community!

    Important: DLIKE token is ERC_20 based token and is entirely different from DLIKER which is solely trade-able on STEEM Engine Market

    We are thankful to @aggroed and all devs of STEEM Engine for helping us to make this possible for DLIKE community.

    We are thankful to @fundition for all the support of upcoming developments.

     @freedom | @supergiant | @devann | @shellyduncan | @vimukthi | @m18207319997 | @hayalet | @daumantas | @arslan.saleem | @steemyoda | @lukestokes | @onetin84 | @afzaal4

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    Thank you for your highly valuable informative post. I am an active user of Dlike, and strongly believe in the success of the project. I have bought 700 DLIKEM tokens from the Steem-Engine market and staked them. Now I accumulated more than 10000 DLIKER tokens, which I staked them too. But I also want to be a pro user but I do not have 10000 classic DLIKE tokens. What can I do to become a pro user now?

    We are proud of all DLIKE users. You can buy DLIKE tokens in #trade section of DLIKE discord channel from other users who are willing to sell.

    They demand too high prizes there. However, It is written that "In addition to hourly DLIEKR (there is a spelling mistake here) token reward for miners, top 21 DLIKEM stakers will earn equal number of DLIKE tokens every week."
    So if I am one of the top 21 DLIKEM staker, I am going to earn equal number of classic DLİKE token each week. Right?

    Thanks for marking spelling error. Yes Top 21 DLIKEM holders gets equal number of DLIKE tokens each week!

    Thank you
    !giphy thanks

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    do you want to buy 10k dlike token ?

    I wanted to buy but I founded the demanded price was too high. So I bought DLIKEM instead. Now either I can exchange DLIKER with DLIKE, or wait for a month to accumulate enough DLIKE to become pro.

    how many dliker you will pay for 10k dlike tokens

    Does staked dlike tokens count too?

    You can contact me if you want to buy 10K token at reasonable price

    I wanted to buy but I founded the demanded price was too high. So I bought DLIKEM instead. Now either I can exchange DLIKER with DLIKE, or wait for a month to accumulate enough DLIKE to become pro.

    All the best for your new investment. @ozgurcinali If you are interested to exchange DLIKER with DLIKE you may contact me on discord.

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    What's the latest update on this?

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    What's the current price of this new coin? I've always wanted to launch my own token on steem blockchain. Can you please provide me some resources to learn?
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    what happens to previous dlike tokens that are on my eth wallet? Does this mean they are worthless now? Sorry If I missed this part, but I didn't see any information about the dlike tokens on this post.

    We have an important to the end of this post. Those tokens are intact and are due to listed in few weeks on ERC-20 based exchange. So never worry!

    I invested in DLIKEM and started to accumulate DLIKER. I you wish we can exchange my DLIKER with your classic DLIKE.

    but i don't have much only 680 to be precise


    I fear these tokens may further depreciate the Dlike token...
    What about economics of Dlike tokens????

    DLIKE is entirely different token which will be used as a utility token for rewards, PRO memberships, in-post advertisements.

    DLIKER is for users to upvote and curate content which they like just like STEEM upvotes or any other STEEM Engine based tribe!

    Best of the lucks. And I am sure this will bring DLiker to next levels!

    Thanks a lot! DLIKE team will always try its best to give STEEM community the best which we can do!

    Disagree with the pending rewards on this post. Downvoted to return rewards to every other author on the chain.

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    resteem this post

    Love DLike! Just upvoted and resteemed this post. Now on my to the Steem Engine to invest in some DLiker!

    Hopefully the abuse fighting account will be able to make an impact on some of what is taking place on the platform currently. That would be really awesome. This is definitely exciting news!

    Yes we will definitely try our best to ensure this!

    So can I exchange my DLIKE token to DLIKEM?

    DLIKE swap is not available yet, we are working on a possibility where DLIKE to DLIKER will be tried but soon listing of DLIKE is coming also!

    I gladly exchange my DLIKER with your classic DLIKE.

    I'll read details later but this looks promising :)

    Awesome update about new tokens and as you said before that you're going to reward exisiting users, you made it. I have seen dlike growing since the beginning. I joined Dlike when it was like a baby and now its grown fast. Great work done team m congratulations.

    Great news,resteem

    What is going to happen the old stacked tokens?

    They are in for their rewards on maturity period. DLIKER is different from DLIKE

    I wish you success! I've used your app before and I liked it.

    (Downvoted but only because I believe a buying votes to get to Trending should have negative ROI).

    iOS app coming soon?
    !giphy please

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    Very inciteful plan ... Post resteemed already

    This posting explains that DLIKE and DLIKER are different tokens.
    Why do you publish two things? Does DLIKER swap to the DLIKE later? Or does DLIKE swap to the DLIKER later? Or are the two operating separately?

    Both will be separate tokens and will run as parallel source of income for users. One as voting token like steem while other as reward pool based token.

    Are there any plans to invest funds secured by IEO of the DLIKE token in STEEM? I think the steem power of the @dlike account is too low.

    We are more into development side as DLIKE 3.0 completed last week, next is listing of DLIKE and mobile Apps then definitely we will invest to upgrade SP.

    Just tested this today and I am loving it!

    This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

    Wow new development,this is great

    Upvoted and resteemd!!!
    Keep these developments coming. Now I really need to go and find something important to share. I'm a big believer of the project.

    PS: Maybe you should make the inflation smaller or create some good token burning programs. with 800 million Dlike and 1.5 billion new tokens and only 1000s of DAU the value will drop hard for those who are early to the party. I've seen #steemleo and #battle do some great burn programs.

    Yes, we definitely have burn programs to stabilize prices on both


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    Resteem done

    so to be clear, we will never be able to trade the actual DLIKE token?

    We will be, as listing of DLIKE will be done after this

    Ok thanks for the clarity. Are you aiming to also list the actual DLIKE token on steem-engine as well?

    No it will be listed on CMC exchange which supports ERC-20 tokens

    By CMC you mean an exchange listed on coinmarketcap.com ? Will USA holders be able to use it?

    The coinmarketcap exchange which supports ERC-20 tokens.

    This is seriously fascinating.

    Yeah because why would you want to list natively on the same blockchain you are integrated fully into? It’s all the rage to stick it on ETH even though it has no connection. Let’s just complicate things as much as possible and postpone the trading of this token which has been around for over a year now... 🙄

    Don't worry bro, they'll created DLIKES for SMT and you will be able to buy it on tradingview which will support TRC20 as well

    Yes, it means coinmarketcap. We are trying our best to go to exchange which can support USA too

    Thank you, we appreciate that 🚀

    I gladly barter my DLIKERs with your classic DLIKE, if you wish.

    Really? Even though DLIKE has no value at this moment in time?

    It is valuable for the ones who want to become pro user. :)

    I would love to sell them to you. 30 DLIKER per DLIKE. How does that sound? Essentially $0.01 per DLIKE.

    If you get more people wanting to buy I have 530K DLIKE tokens.. I'd love a penny a piece

    Hahaha nice. Me first, get in line!! 🤣😜

    @ozgurcinarli you have over 700,000 DLIKE tokens up for grabs in the thread below (: Please buy them from @davedickeyyall and I! You can trust us for sure!

    DLIKER tokens, as a gift to the community, I think is amazing, ...


    Great news for all steemians, and I'm glad to hear that,

    Resteem and Upvote

    Great news for all stemians !!
    #NewSteem on !!!!

    I also bought 6000+ Dliker.
    May I ask a question.
    When I upvote a dlike tag post on steemit, I also stake Dliker Token. May I know the post author and me to get Dliker Token?
    Or I just got dliker token on Dlike.io ?

    (resteem this post already)

    Ofcourse split is 50% author - 50% curator

    DLIKER upvotes meant to be made on posts published through DLIKE only but you can upvote those posts on any platform like steemit, steempeak or any tribe

    Thank you @dlike for the reply.

    Posted using Partiko Android

    If I use dLike, will things I post/like on the dlike platform also spam cross-post onto my STEEM blog?

    Not that, this announcement and @dlike's SE tokens launch is a good, but it'd be more accurate to say "GREAT NEWS", one thing I like even more ... *"Dedicated account to kill abuse @nodlike4u"*.

    Hope to see @dlike on new heights and less abuse.

    Nice update

    Good update!👌

    By the way I just resteemed this post. Hope to get those sweet 250 DLIKE. 😉

    Thanks for the post.

    Big thanks for you informative post. Keep doin it!
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    Downvoted for disagreement on rewards, and I'm getting tired of only seeing project and curation announcements on trending, rather than actual content.

    I have delegated 100 SP and also resteemed this post the day it came out. It's been 4 days and no sign of any tokens in my wallet. Please advise.

    !giphy popcorn

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    !giphy panic

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    Thanks for the post

    Thanks for the post.

    .. at the first moment appears a thought like a bubble in my head saying ‘man, another one of these only must have coins, puuh..slowly more new coins than new members..’..but stop, while reading it get simpatic and more than this, it sounds interesting, worth to give it a try..up..follow you..still curious and hopeful..resteemed..steem on!..or dliked!..

    Great step, Upvoted and resteemed.

    My best wishes are with you.

    wow... Nice news.
    Resteem this post..

    wow... great news.
    Resteem this post..

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