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RE: Why Buy STEEM? And Why Buy STEEM!

in #steemlast year

i was thinking about something in line with this thinking, but a skew so it's more rewarding for the long term SP holder and yet give liquidity and freedom for all other token holder

Let me give you an example:

  1. Power down should be just 3 days, then we don't need savings, all savins is powerup

  2. Let those who Vest earn 20% of the reward pool....but let the vesting accure geometrically to 20% over say 13 weeks or 1 month, or 13days

  3. Curation is dependent upvot vesting of powerup, the longer you powerup (or delegate, many of the top witness who runs bot will hate this....but it really makes sense)

Example for #3....SP start at inflation percentage so ~8% and grows to 100% (of whatever curation reward.....this will radically change behavior if you ask me.....could do a trending post on this but i'm too feel free to chat me up and I'll give you the economic details, there is a ton of benefits....including forcing (by temptation) the whales to liquidate at higher prices bringing greater decentralization to ownership, disrupting bot payout, increasing curation reward for long term curators, improving returning value to proof of brain, basically everyone will be powering up, averaging out the % of powerup will out way almost every other stake/vested coin if we go this route, etc,etc.