Will You Ever Make Money on Steemit?

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Many people come on to Steemit with a dream, that dream differs from one user to the other. I began with the goal of creating a following and making a side income. Some join wanting to make tens of thousands of dollars every month and be famous.

The actual question is, will you ever achieve your goal? Is it too late to join and get big? Is it worth my time? These are the questions that run through my mind every day and possibly yours too.

Will You Make Money Eventually?

We all manage to create posts every day and strive to comment and upvote, but when is enough? When will it finally make me money? Like all social media, steemit is the same they all take time; nothing happens overnight.

We all want Steemit to become a side income eventually, or even do it full time. From the past three weeks of posting, I have been able to get one or two posts to make more money than I spent on them.

I have accumulated a total of 300+ fans now; it is a difficult task to earn money within the first month. Everyone needs to understand that, just because your first 100 posts don't go viral does not mean it's impossible.

Making Money on Other Platforms is More Difficult

You can sit in front of your computer and write blogs on WordPress, and hope that people will read your posts. The reality is even after six months of writing every day; you might start making some money to cover your daily coffee.

When you post a blog on other platforms, you have to take into consideration your Google ranking and SEO. On Steemit we have the luxury of just posting and people will see the post, rather than paying for Google ad words and web developing to make the website suitable.

I remember having to pay every month to an SEO firm that promised to get Google first page ranking and paying for Google words; it would cost me over $500 every month for their service. At the end it was not worth the money, I would invest way more money than I would make!

Here on Steemit, we have a huge community that is supportive of one another, and this enables authors to make money even in the first post, even if it's a few cents.

Does Having More Followers Equal More Money?

I have seen may minnows grinding and posting daily, but they won't make serious money. Even users with 1000 followers are not making serious money that can sustain them, it becomes frustrating and dream shattering.

I have come to realize the key to making money is not in quantity and having 50,000 fans, but it is in the quality of those fans. You are better off with a few hundred fans who all upvote and esteem your post than thousands who don't bother reading your articles.

The issue is, almost never will all your fans upvote all of your posts every time. The trick to Steemit is in numbers unless you figure out a way to connect with your fans on a very personal level where they trust you and enjoy your posts.

The key is to create a following that follows you and not just the posts, there will be good days and bad days for posting and your supporters need to be there by your side through the rough times too. Youtubers create vlogging channels to create that connection with their fans; I remember I would watch Youtbers videos because of them and not the videos or the content because I ended up becoming a fan.

How Many Followers Do You Need?

It 's hard to calculate how many members you need to make a passive income, but the essential factor is those fans need to interact and upvote every post.

The authors I see who make a steady income from posting have 5000 or more follers and those who have 10,000 followers make at least $70 per post.

An easy way to estimate how long it would take you to make a passive income is to calculate the rate you gain followers. For example, I gain 100 followers every week, if it stays at the same pace I would have 5200 followers in one year. In general, once you have 1000 followers the rate you gain followers begins to increase and get faster and faster.

If I divide 10,000 followers by 100 I will get an answer of 100 weeks, 100 weeks divided by 52 weeks equals 1.9 years. That is a pretty slow rate, so this is a worst-case scenario to gaining followers. Some authors gain 300-400 followers a week, so it becomes a snowball effect.

What You and I should do

Our only choice is to keep posting good quality content every day and try different methods to gain more followers. You should try Facebook ads like Jerry Banfield has done, although he already has over 2 million followers, so it was an advantage. Although posting everyday good content is just not going to cut it, that has become cliche now! We need to create a community together that supports one another that can grow and become recognized for its hard work and be compensated for that hard work too!

Join my Telegram!

I have created a Telegram group for all my followers! In the group we will cover crypto trading and share news on crypto, I will be advising you on starting up your own business and help all of you get started! You can private message me and talk about future post ideas as well. We can together create a community that supports one another to ensure growth!

The Link: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEFQ38trNc4kfuNQbQ

Join now its free, and we can all grow together!

If you enjoyed this post, please upvote and fan me and join the Telegram group!


Actually I enjoy steemit.
Don't get me wrong the crypto boom gravitates me to steemit.
Yes I want to earn SP and steem.
The vision is there.
One thing I know, I enjoy writing.
Keep on steemit.

Writing has become a great gateway for me to express my feeling, especially in my future posts I plan to do regarding depression. Writing is a forgotten therapy by many! I was planning on blogging before I found out what a Bitcoin even was, then I found out about Steemit and it blew my mind away.

I don't think that Steemit should be seen just as a money platform. The most important thing is to enjoy your time here and have fun and all the rest will follow. Yes it does required a lot of time but as mention if you do something with passion all the rest will follow.
Great post by the way!

That's an excellent point made, money motivation will take a person only so far. Once the money stops everything drops, many YouTubers post videos and won't make any money because of the sponsors pulling out ads and they continue to make videos because they love what they do. Steemit is still in its baby stages, and making money was the biggest pulling force to getting new users onto the platform, as we grow hopefuly that will change and money wont be an issue.

Excellent point as well. As i mention me at least i am here because i enjoy the platform first of all. In December i am thinking to donate the value of my account to a noble cause.. even for some kids without parents and buy some great presents ( toys and some clothes), even for some old retired person forgaten by their families... maybe for both! Like this i can involved my little daughter as well so she can learn the value of sharing and helping people in need!

Unbelievable! It really gives a bigger purpose to this platform, to actually benefit others in a tangible manner and make a change in their lives changes the narrow perspective we sometimes end up with. I wish the community is more accepting for charity fundraising, maybe have a #Charity tags, some get angry over it ahah because of scammers. It would be amazing to do a Steemit wide charity event where everyone can donate on their own initiative to a charity of their own choice and whales can upvote those who make a post about their donation.

Yes it will be great but as you mention there are a lot of scammers as well. I will do as i told you and i will make a post as well with photos as a proof. I have a good job working on cruise ships so i am not after the money here! But going back to the topic of your blog... congratulatios it is a great blog! Keep up the good work and Steem On!

Thank you very much! It's a perfect setting for you, I hope your account brings many benefits to people and the community. You will be the first to do it, maybe it can become an inspiration to other to follow as well :).

I really hope so! As mention i will post a blog with photos most probably in December around Christmas time! Have a great day!😉

Inspired to post more quality content for myself. For my blog.
Ofcourse for money. (Who doesnt want them)
build my network and the money will follow. 💯

Hahah, money is a great motivation to have and at the same time loving what you do keep you steadfast at it and you enjoy it :). Thank you! Join the telegram group if you want to learn to start a business and share crypto news and steemit ideas.

Many new people don't realise that they have to actually invest money in the platform if they want to speed up the process .

It's pretty much impossible to end up being a whale from investing no money at all, investing money into the platform grows the community and strengthens the account. When you put money into something, it shows you care rather than hopping onto a trend and getting off when things don't go as planned.

Plus, it increases the value of the coin. ;)

Exactly and our upvotes become worth more as the value increases so more money is pumped into the system.

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That is an impressive goat!

Hahah yea I sent 4 SBD for that goat, the limit is higher now :D

Please how do you get yourself a goat for Comments?

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Good heavens - it almost less complicated to purchase an actual goat!!

Aahaha! Buying a real goals is super easy too, go to an auction and buy one for $20 cahs and take it home hahah!

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@distress2success : thank you sharing
Let Me Follow You and Resteem this post. thanks

Thank you very much! If your interested join the telegram group too! :D

Thank you so much for sharing all this information! that's great! All the best! Waiting for more posts! :)

Thank you! If you would like to join the Telegram group and get to interact and give feed back :D.

Great encouragement...

Yeahh i love this post !! is really informative and it explain it all, everyone pass trough this

Thank you! Join the telegram group if you would like to create a little community where we can share ideas! :D

To me, the Steemit platform offers me an unique opportunity to voice my opinions and liberate my thoughts. If my actions help create an income opportunity for me, I'll be thrilled.

It is a great feeling to see you make money from posting your thoughts. I initially started to make money but now writing has become a gateway to express my feelings and deal with depression and interact with other authors.

@distress2success So much information thanks for sharing.

This was a very well thought out piece of writing. I agree that quality of material is the most important thing for growing an audience. Best of luck - and keep the insight coming!

Thank you! Honestly, comments like yours keep me going and motivate me to continue!

Money is great, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a part of why I came here. At the same time, testing the waters with output and ideas for new content is probably just as important to me, if not more so. One of my long-term goals is to publish in book form at some point. Feedback from a community like Steemit might help me gage what will or won't sell. For those whose focus is mainly on creating literature, such feedback is invaluable.

The money-making was the biggest pull factor for steemit as leverage to other social media platforms; it brought me in also. The beauty of steemit is, you're almost forced to post regularly and get into the habit of writing, other users will comment also. Steemit is a perfect medium to test the waters as you mentioned, some people are very straightforward here too, so they will mention if it was not good or if it was incredible. I too want to write a book but an autobiography :).

I was planing for a post like this @distress2success you 1st me. Says a lot cause we share the same view on the caption.

Hahah, you should still post it regardless! I would love to see what your views are on it also, we all have different motives and goals and hardships, it would be nice to see what your point of view is :).

Nice post, I sometimes wonder how Steemit works, how you get more votingpower, how you get more people to vote your posts. It's so different, not only because of the number of your followers , not only because of the money you earn, not only bevause of the number of comments you make, it stayes difficult.

Thank you! Your voting power gets strong by having for steem power, some people like to invest money into their account to increase their steempower. I will make a post to clarify everything soon!

Thanks for your respond

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Thank you so much. Your post has really give me courage to continue. To be honest, I do feel hopeless especially when few of my posts are rewarded. I mean I've written a pretty number of articles for someone who has just started ( it's been a week now), however only few of them were rewarded with few cents. Nonetheless, this only give me more resistance and strengthens my patience. I'm sure one day I'll be that one who has lots of follerwers and makes hundreds of dollars.

You wrote a good post.
I think you got it how it worked here.
As you mention the thing about the follower it reminded me on my own post i made about it.

It's true, not the number of followers matters rather the quality of them.
Writing good content is your foundation. Then if you like it or not you have to brand yourself and, you must be visible and then​ to build a loyal community.

The Community is the most important thing. But they will not come if they dont even know you or if you are a boring person in their eys.

Exactly, we need to connect with the community more on a personal level so they can make that intimate connection with the author. Then I think we will be able to create a community that is loyal and growing. :)

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Very helpful post! I like it how you think everything through and calculated it :) I think it's great that we all got the chance of making money by posting content online -actually it's awesome! Especially for people who already enjoyed writing blogs online before this platform was found and I'm sure the money aspect helps this platform to grow even more :)

It's a great feeling , it takes hard work and motivation. Not every day is the best ahah so we just have to Soldier through the tough times 😊.

I have come to realize the key to making money is not in quantity and having 50,000 fans, but it is in the quality of those fans. You are better off with a few hundred fans who all upvote and esteem your post than thousands who don't bother reading your articles.

This is more than true and i am glad i'm not the only one who thinks so. It's too bad i haven't been active much on this platform lately due to some work issues but the love i have gotten for this community makes me feel guilty for being absent. Money or not, i know this community will grow and we who have found ourselves here in the early stages, if we keep on steeming on, success will find us very soon. Great and inspirational post by the way @distress2success

Thank you very much! The best thing is to just try to make the posts seem consistent, even if its three times a week publish them once every other day. The more you post the more followers you will eventually get :).

i couldn't agree with you more on this one @distress2success

Dope post! You've covered the fundamentals of quality over quantity and gained a new follower ;) Resteemed and bookmarked for future reference re Telegram. Two thumbs up!

Steem is rigged for early adopters of the platform. Its all about STEEM POWER. Once I came to terms with it, I stopped buying STEEM and only post occasional . Conrgrats to the Whales!

Well most of those whales put their own money in, like Jerry Banfield started blogging only 4 months ago and he put loads of cash to buy Steem power.

the question is, HOW do you get those fans to follow you? It's so hard to get noticed on steemit lately because of the growing number of steemians!

In general, people will follow you once they see consistency and they like your content and want to keep reading more. The key to that is to keep making content that is interesting and at the end of the post ask for them to follow you.

it's actually a lot of work. Consistency requires motivation and perseverance. If you see that you're not getting the results you want, you will slowly start to lose motivation.
at least that's what's happening with me lol

I used steemit as my enhancer of my english skills and the money that I get is serve as a bonus of what Ive write

For sure ahah and it's a great way to get your English better.

Yes youre right and thats what i want to be a good in english

Everything is practice, the more you do it the better you get :)

Yeah thanks to steemit

Been Steeming for a few weeks now and it definitely works for me. Not in terms of money, since my audience is still a lot too small, although I did grow from like 10 to 60 followers in 1 week or so.

Most posts where about beer so far. But I did write a post about some failures in my life after I read some inspirational thing. I would probably never do a post like that on any main social network. If you are curious to read:


That's amazing 10 to 60 in a week is a great sign your readers like the content! I will definitely check out your post :). Thank you for sharing it!

People should focus more on commenting when they start on steemit. Nice post, btw.

Thank you! Even I end up forgetting to comment on other posts, it becomes a bad habit of just posting and never interacting with others.

If you build a network first the votes and followers and resteems will come. Like you said it does not happen overnight but hopefully it will happen.

I agree, and once those people follow the hardest part is to maintain them and keep them interested continuously.

Good post mate ! I appreciate your content in all your post. A good mind to follow

Thanks! You guys keeping me going strong honestly, your support is the most important to me! :D

I will keep following your post, good one mate

nice post. post engagements also helps in gaining followers, my first two weeks on steemit when i realized my post wasnt earning much cos i didnt even have followers i stopped posting and engaged in commenting on other top authors post that gained me followers and i even earned more from my comments than i did from my post.

There are a lot of reasons to love steemit like i do..
The cammaraderie from within..
The learnings and day to day interactions..
The wise thoughts in every post...
And the possibility to earn....and grow..

Steemit is worth sharing....
Just came.back from long absence....
You may check.my comebacking post, too.thanks


Loving the breakdown of this post on followers

I wish I'd known about steemit earlier. But hopefully I haven't joined in too late, to do well on this platform.

I have a WordPress site but honestly, I'm planning on letting it expire. I figure that with steam I don't end up losing any money. I really enjoy writing and I've written several blogs although I still don't get any comments. I'll keep blogging and build an audience eventually I'm sure.

Great and helpful advice to grow. It is not easy for a minnow to climb to that number of followers. Producing quality content had become the baseline to build a great profile. So besides writing, there will be a need to engage the followers with other means like joining communities, competitions and etc. Interacting out of Steemit also a possible channel.

I agree, just posting good content and having followers is the surface of success here now. We need strong tied followers that always read and interact on the posts.

Gonna be a multiskill steemian to be a success here. The benchmark getting higher. Good in a way too