5 Reasons Why You're Not Famous on Steemit Yet!

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Welcome to Steemit new comers and veterans! There are a few thing's I have noticed that is necessary to become "famous" here on this platform.

Why People Start

Many people start Steemit for various reasons; the biggest reason is for money. Everyone want's to make money, and there's nothing wrong with having that as your motivation. You have to keep in mind that Steemit is a social media platform built for blogs, this means the content posted needs to be original, interesting and good quality.

There are millions of bloggers online, you can just search blog and Google will bring up a bunch for you. Steemit, on the other hand, is a blogging platform that is decentralized and catered to the crypto community.

Since many users who join Steem have never had experience in blogging before have difficulty succeeding on the platform.

Here is a list of five reasons why you're not famous on Steem yet!

[1] - Consistancy

Many, if not all, new users are inconsistent in content creation. Most of the content created I see by beginners is made the first day, and if they see, they only made ten cents they don't post again for weeks. Some people are posting only once a week, and that is not enough to keep the audience engaged unless that once a week content is mind blowing every time you will not get a following.

You need to create a schedule for the days you will post, as a beginner aim to post at least three times a week. Onc you get the hang of writing, move onto posting every day.

Posting every day will get an audience built for you and your content will be spread across the platform, so there's a higher chance of it being noticed by others.

[2] - Quality

I see users posting the same thing over and over again. I have even seen new comers copy and paste articles they find online and hope to build an audience like that. Little do they know of Cheetah, she will go around and catch your plagiarism.

Aside from plagiarism, I usually see very poorly written content that took no effort, grammar mistakes, spelling errors also. When you write a post, write it in a manner that this post is going to take up five minutes of a persons time and I want to make it worth their time!

[3] - Activity

Another integral part of being on Steemit is being active, just posting everyday quality content is not going to cut it. You need to read others posts and interact with comments that create conversation and debate.

Posting comment's saying "nice post check mine out," is not going to work either! All your going to get from a comment like that is a "thank you, " and that's the end of it. Do not be brain dead, post criticism and feed back to other users.

Make friends in the Steemit chat, beware of scammers also. Never give away your password. Making friends helps grow your audience and network with other users.

[4] - Social Media and Promoting

Many people forget the power of traditional social media, that is why Steemit has a built in tool to share your post on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. You need to take advantage of these tools, once you post onto Steemit share it on your social media platforms also. Using Facebook can reach out to people who don't use Steem, and they may end up joining too.

My favorite way to get more views is to promote my blog by using the promote button at the bottom of the blog. You can click it and put in as much Steem as you want, and your post will be listed in the promoted section. Promoting is very healthy for the Steemit community because it put money back into the economy of Steem rather than paying for a Facebook ad.

Another method is paying account who do resteems for 2 SBD or less; they usually have thousands of followers that are kind of active. When these accounts resteem, it gives a bit of a boost to your post.

[5] - Invest into Steemit

Spending personal capital into Steemit is important, this increases the market cap of the coin and elevate the demand for the currency as well. These two things increase the value of the coin, so this makes you and I more money!

Putting your own money into the Steemit wallet will power up your account, this power up will increase your reputation. When your reputation is higher the better, the chances are that someone will read your posts! We all want our posts to be seen so we can make more money too.

Another benefit of powering up your account is when you upvote a comment or post your upvote is worth more. If your account has 100,000 SBD, then your 100% upvote will be in the tens of dollars. Higher reputation can make other users earn money, and you can upvote your content to make money too!

Action Plan

Start to implement these five things, and you will see a difference in followers and money being made. More people will follow you and eventually you will get famous on here! Once you're famous, you know what that means, money!

In the comment section below, discuss what tips and tricks you use already.

Please give this an upvote and resteem if this benefitted you so that others can improve also! Follow me for more posts that are similar.


Respect! I followed you here from your comment on my post and I love your profile. But this post ist just totally on point. You have a very keen eye for details and styling. I love that and do it myself. You are so good I feel a bit emberrased but here are a few tips to hustle even harder:

  • Use more space above and below your graphic deviders to give your text room to breath; either with html or I use transparent graphics for that.
  • Center your GIFs: while your images are all perfectly filling the width the GIFs come in a smaller resolution and are aligned left
  • Use bold and italic within your paragraph blocks to highlight a few things but use it lightly

Do you think that many people actually look into the promoted tab?


Stupendous advice. I am a huge fan of illustrated blog posts.

Following you as you seem to have the visual aspects of a post down pat. Not to mention the step by step guide. Thank You!

I truly appreciate it Flauwy! This is what I love, I have been wanting feedback for a long time now on what to improve, I will implement those things right away into my next posts! Hahah, I have learned from the best, I try to make my quality somewhere near yours. It's hard to keep up with your quality of posts especially with the animations!

I like to think the promoted tab helps a bit, I usually do it to put some money through the system to keep the promoted tab working and you usually get a pretty good upvote from Promoted too. Most posts get lost in promoted ahah.

Thanks man, I appreciate your praising words. But you don't have to hide behind me, your content is top notch and I am sure you will make it big here. I am so happy for you that @fulltimegeek saw my resteem of your post and upvoted it. If you ever want to create together let me know. It is more fun that way and crazy opportunities arise.

I had the same thought, I never see collaborations here on Steemit yet. Maybe we can set a new trend and eventually to help new Steem users to grow!

I have a pretty good memory too haha, I have done some memory training also. I usually do memorization of pages from a book, word for word memorizing. I eventually got the book called "How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Week by Week" By Dominic O'Brien, I started using his methods and they are very similar to yours also. He would compete in memory competitions and came first place many times.

I know him. We met many times. He is the 8x World Memory Champion. Impressive person but we stand on different positions what is good for memory sports.

I just looked in the promoted tab for the first time today and there were not many posts and some were months old. Not getting it.

It is a rubbish feature. I never look into it.

lol - I believe you!

However, IF you use the function, there is a bot that will upvote your post automatically. It is called @promoted I think. The Steem Power is not as high to cover your costs but it will give back about 30% of your investment. That doesn't make that function better but it eases the mind a bit to know you get at least something back.

Hmm. I still think the upgoat would be better. I'm not using it until the 6th day anyway. So tricky to get noticed here!

Yes, most of it I like to do.

Keep at it, you will get better at writing too so your posts will become more popular as well.

"Another integral part of being on Steemit is being active, just posting everyday quality content is not going to cut it. You need to read others posts and interact with comments that create conversation and debate."

I missed out on this for nearly a year! I kept writing, but never bother commenting.

Please people. Comment. Interact. Make friends like a human. It works.

Thanks @distress2success

Thank you! Im trying to get out of that habbit as well, sometimes we become so focused on creating content and forget to interact with others ahaha.

Yep! And don't even call it networking or whatever. It's just making friends!

I agree I miss used that term, the reality is, it's just making new friends. Some are caught up in the "money" factor of the platform and it dilutes their whole reasoning.

Yeah. I mean there's nothing wrong with making money, but more often than not, that drive alone is fundamentally flawed.

While intuitively I feel like most of these factors are likely to make you more successful on Steemit, I don't KNOW whether this is the case - surely it would be better to first analyse (for example) a sample of say 100 successful steemians compared to a sample of 100 unsuccessful (having first defined success) , and then authoritatively say that this is, based on my sample, what the successful actually have in common.

I'm also curious about what makes people successful, but I'd like some more analysis of actual data.

You have a great point there! I will definitely do that, thank you for the idea. I will gather the top 25 steemians and 25 worst and do a comparison in depth. 100 may be a bit too much work ahaha :), either way we should get some sort of results!

Good 5 points. And you say it right, here you need to have some skills, two of them is to know how to write and secondly know the concept of blogging. If you cannot do that, then probably photography is the other option. I do want to resteem this post because some of my followers cannot understand why they are doing so little. Upvoted too.

Thank you very much! I agree, like I see all the time some mediocre writing and very little effort put into the post. Some complain why they never get any upvotes or resteems and this is because they post itself was done so poorly people did not see the value in it.

This article made me want to post more because II just want followers to read/ view content, allot of time i think 80% my followers are bots, abandoned accounts, or just mass follow everyone. Not much real activityfrom my following so things like feedback amd engagment are harder to track. I hope for platform updates this year..

I agree, many followers feel like just bots. Maybe you can post even better content to lure in new followers that would engage with your content and comment.

Thank. Good information for me. I try do it.

Your welcome! Hopefully it will give you a boost :).

Thank you @distress2success, your post makes a lot of sense.. There are so many bloggers out here on steemit, getting your post a much needed attention does depend on good quality and sustained followers. But I still feel many of these excellent and famous bloggers were the first ones who joined steemit unlike us minnows. They have grown to this extent due to the lead time they have had over us. Upvoted, followed & resteemed :)

I agree, many of the whales right now are early bloggers. Many of their acocunts are over a year old, but its worth it! Blog for a year then start making $200-$300 per post is good money ahah.

completely agree... and does your steemit name "distress2success" mean something similar?

Exactly why I chose the name ahah, Distress to success ( from hard times to easy times) :)

Such a good content.. I keep this. Resteem. Thanks

Thanks a lot! I hope it benefits you and your fans!

Sorry, my voting power is low. Take a Tip! for your great post!

No problem! Even reading the post is good enough for me :).

This is a great post @distress2success, thanks for sharing value and many of the comments are good too! Upvoted and now following you! Looking forwards to more!

Thank you for taking the time to read it! I hope it will benefit you.

Really good post ..i was new in this platform and i would tell that your advice really had a great help... Posting 3x a week is now my goal .upvoted and followed you .thanks

Im glad it benefitted you! I can't wait to see you get famous from your posts soon!

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Well said my friend! A very concise and informative post. I could have used it 3 months ago. :)

Ahaha at this point , you probably already know everything :). Hope it was a good reminder at the least!


Informative and well written post.
I like this topic. I wrote myself about it.

I agree with all you mention but one question I have.
You wrote that powering up will increase the reputation.

From what I know it's not that way.
To power up called steempower give you more financial influence.

The reputation increase if higher ranked people then you upvote your content.

But maybe misunderstood something :)
Just wanted to bring this up.

All in all a great post my friend.

Thank you for clearing that up! It was a mistake on my side. Thank you for the feedback, it helps me improve :).

No Problem :)
Nevertheless, ​it is a great article :)

Not only were the 5 bullet points right on the money, but the presentation was beautiful while making your blog post easy to read.

My only minor criticism is that I found a few typos and grammatical errors. Considering the wealth of information, I'd say it is worth a close read.


Thank you! I appreciate you bringing up the grammar mistakes, I use Grammarly to ensure it doesn't happen, It seems it has missed a few. I will fix those up :).

nice tips thanks for sharing sadly money was part of the reason I joined steemit but not money for me I like the idea that my upvote actually helps the people I follow and the content creators get 100% unlike other platforms where it's divided 70/30 or if lucky 80/20 for using the platform or what ever reason the small change is taken away for. I don't mind being kinda well known but I hope never to become famous :) thanks for sharing

There no problem with having money as the motivation, most of the time it drives a person to success! Thanks for giving the post a read. I hope you can get big here on Steemit!

I always earn 0.01 -0.03 cents on every post I make and had no idea why I don't get any views or up votes. I don't know what I', doing wrong.

I will be following this guide to from now on. Thanks for this info.

Patient.. it hard to cought a whale or dolphin.. pay the voter like @randowhale is good.. might look healthier on your blogging section. Gud luck

Try paying for resteems with like Carlobelgato, him and his sister resteem posts for 2 Steem they have a total of 30,000 followers. Many Steemers use their service.

Really nice post, and all great advice.

I know a lot of folks struggle with being consistent while having a full-time job. I know that's my challenge.

Participate and ye shall be rewarded.

Thanks a lot! That's very true, it is difficult to write while stuck at work all day. Most of my posts are written at night and posted super late, I miss out on a lot of people but my audienceis all late nighters too now hahah.

Sir really so nice steemit working, thanks for good sharing

Following for updates............

Very thoughtful and informative post . Got some good tips .

Thank's hope it help!

Worth reading and sharing!! Thanks for this heads up... I have been searching and reading articles like this. Thanks!

Your welcome! Thank you for giving it a read, my next post will hopefully help everyone get to the next level :).

Great post fren......im agree v you......it touched an important object .....It benefit me alot .....thank you very much .........excited to see ur next post .......upvoted you n followes you ....:)

You are right with that article that you have.


Thank you, that post was very good and informative.

Thank you! I hope it helps.

This is good stuff
Thanks for sharing @distress2success

Vey useful information for newcomers, like myself it helped me a lot .

Thank you, hopefully, these things will help you out a lot!

Thanx dear for such help

Some very good, tips
Also the measure for success may be different for many.
I aint really lookin' to be famous, but looking to learn how to better communicate what I see for this blockchain social evolution/revolution.
How in most situations, it levels the playing field, and is really about the minnows bringing in new ideas and energy.
Cheers A.

I agree everyone's motives will be different and their definitions of success will differ also. The more you use it and research the more you learn. :)

thank you!
I'll try to apply these in may next posts.

They will help a lot especially since your starting new!

Great post, good points, well written. However there is one thing I would like to add and that you have to be careful with the resteem services. Not all services are reliable, @resteembot is a good way of resteeming but be aware of people with 10000 followers who charge 1-2 sbd for resteems (they usually spam your wallet with memos). Keep steemin'. Upvoted and followed.

Yes, I agree those memos get super annoying! In general Carlosbegado and resteembot is pretty good. It helps give the post a bit of a boost.

I agree with all of what you've said. Consistency and Quality is very important in this platform. Good thing there's cheetah so at least we'll know if the content is unique and not.

Haha Cheetah is so useful, sometimes I hesitate to resteem a post not knowing if it was plagiarised or not.

I agree. if you don't post good content on a regular basis then you won't get much of upvotes. But it is not easy that's for sure and sometimes very frustrating too. You need a bit of luck too

Yea I agree, some times i put in hours of work into a post and the only upvotes it gets is from the Randowhale i paid for ahaha!

Beautiful tips, my new friend. I have actually met wonderful people here, you just became one of them. Thanks a lot.

Thank you bro, those kind words really help me push through the bumps on this journey of Steemit! I followed you:).

Its really helpful Post. Thanks

Your welcome, I hope it helps you out!

I found this post to be really helpful! I'll have to go read through more of your posts. 😊 I like that you talked about the importance of being consistent on the platform. I'm new on Steemit and one of my biggest challenges has been finding the time to create posts. I think I just need to start setting time aside everyday where I either focus on commenting/curating or writing blog posts. I like your suggestion for new users to write posts 3x a week.

Thank you! Im glad you enjoyed the post! I usually end up posting late at night when busy :). The late night posts still get views and most of the time more than if i posted during the day. :D

That's good to know! I've been wondering if there are "peak times" during the day/night when it is better to post. With there being a worldwide audience, I imagine there are people on the site 24/7. 😊

Great info! Thanks for this!

Your welcome! I hope it helps you out and gets you famous!

I'm working on it 😂

Hahah It just takes some time :).

Got to do my best to be consistent when it comes to posting my blogs. It's hard, but I'm working on it.

@distress2success, all of the posts of yours I have read have been very helpful. I just wish there was way to "pin" your posts to be able to go back and read as a reminder. I supposed that option would be considered "resteem".

Thank you! Ahah yes resteem is the closest thing to "pin" a post , following can help you find a certain author as well.

BOSS!! That's is how you do it. :)

Ahaha Thank you!! :D

Hi @distress2success is promoting​ your post really helps to get upvotes? I would like to try mine from my first earnings.

Great post. Newbie here and looking forward to​ your post. Upvoted, resteemed and followed.

Thank you for such great information. I am two days new and still learning. I appreciate it! Resteeming and following. You have knowledge I need. :-)

Actually, it doesn't seem to be available to resteem. But I would if I could.

Simple and good summary of what a good steemer must do.

Great work @distress2success! Looking forward to more from you.

Have upvoted and followed.

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