CO-IN: Collective Intelligence Platform. Earn STEEM By Curating

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What's good, Steemit.

I'm bout to shill hard for CO-IN.

Collective Intelligence is a voting and curation platform based on the Steemit blockchain. It's developed by @anarchyhasnogods, a talented programmer and discord friend of mine.

Basically, it lets you do 2 things.

First, you can submit posts to be voted on by curators. If you get enough upvotes from the curators, you get a vote from the @co-in account.

Second, you can curate posts by choosing a subtopic and voting 'good', 'ok' or 'bad' on a post. Curating is completely free.

Curating allows you to earn STEEM. This week I earned .38 STEEM just by curating. No, that's not much, but it adds up. And the more people that use it, the more possible to be earned through curation.

For submitting posts, the first 10 posts submitted are free. After that, you need to pay something like 0.05 STEEM to submit a post. There's a time window too, but I think its like a few days. A single vote by @co-in garners around .30 STEEM. So the math is fine.

Either way, I suggest you to all try using the platform.

It's still in beta so it might be a bit slow. But be patient! It does work! Give it a shot on your next post.



if you submit your own post you have a chance to get a vote, so you can get rewards that way as well.

only 33% of curation rewards are given to the user as steem, the other 66% is in an in-platform currency called GP. (This is what let's you submit posts, gives you bigger votes, etc.) So the number isn't fully accurate, but it is also inaccurate because iirc I set dirge to a higher curation rating manually to help test the platform, and that helps determine payout of voting on posts (but not submitting them). I am not sure how much this actually effects the numbers, but it will take some weeks before you start making the full amount and having your rating have a fuller weight. (This is just to help fight bots)

with the same curation rating and voting on all my posts for a few days I got like 1.5 steem on my alt

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