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It was the year April 14th,1865 that was when it all began,just 5 days after the end of the civil war President Abraham Lincoln is the last of the 600 thousand deaths in America


Vanderbilt Comodo Conileuos ----- >>>>>>@Ned

The country is divided and the world looks at America democracy as a failed experiment.But what most don’t realize is that a new era has just began,the nation is entering an age of advancement a new breed of leader will emerge.Men of insight ,innovative With high level of ingenuity the likes of which the world has never seen.And over the next five decades This small group will change the fate America to greatness.

Just like Vanderbilt,@Ned may not know the impact of what they have uncovered,The steemit platform is putting food on people’s table,paying school fees for indegent students, helping the homeless, paying hospital bills,eceteria.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes,the masses provide the content, the sponsors pay for adverts, but the masses do not do not have a stake in thier shares of an empire raking in billions of dollars,this makes guys like Ned
Icons ,and patriotic individuals.They are thinking outside the box, This is because Steemit has come to change the ideology of “eat alone and die alone syndrome” on the heals of steemit is Sola,sphere, etc they are also a decentralized social media platform with very promising potentials. From my perspective if Mark Zuckerberg does not change his methods by helping the content suppliers, Facebook, and the likes will run out of Steem with style.
He came to change change the face of social media and advertising as we see it today,he can be liken to the Revolutionary Vanderbilt comodo.




“If you come at a king you shouldn’t expect to win” this is because you can awaken a sleeping lion

The building of a Modern America is moving at the speed of light,rail lines from east now connects to the west,in a way never before seen .America used to be in darkness when the sun goes down Rockefeller changed that by lightening the homes of Americans, a devout Baptist who does not drink.
Berniesanders is a power who has change the way we perceive and relate on the steemit social media .It used to be "post an article" "comment" and "vote" but now it is like the democrats and the republicans. Each is determined not to be outdone by the the other(high class competition).

Kings need followers and because they are whales with A big difference they have got a massive followership,and their supporter’s are pitched at each other ,this is the defination of democracy. And it is good for democracy,because a country without opposition is doomed to fail.

»»»»»»»»»»Berniesansers and His Crowed Of Diehard Followers»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»

A man of impeachable character, he can be liken to Rockefellers as they both share the same characteristics.Rockerffeler was known as a Father, and was, respected by friends and foes alike.A man from a humble begining.
J.D. Rockerffeler was one of the undisputed king in the in capitalist entrepreneurship, unchallenged man of dignity and a devout Christian,known to fight for the right of the common man.

A philanthropist, he is considered the wealthiest American of all time, his similarities to @berniesanders is quiet phenomenal, How can a man continue to fight for the masses even when his financial investments are at stake. A leader with a vision and mission.Many a minnow,dolphins,sharks on steemit have survived the hardship that life throws at them because of this patriot.what baffles us is that even as his teaming follower keeps getting down voted they have a unique loyalty towards him that have not been seen in ages.History is about to repeat itself, but this time it is going to me on steemit,Many years ago Rockefellers outsmarted Thomas Scot, but Carniegie being his protégé took if personal.
And a lot of Americans died in the process and a very large multitude lost their jobs in the process. This is what makes steemit a unique platform, it is truly a decentralized social media network.Trust me am bored with the same old routine on Facebook.We need change and here if Is.This must happen,that must make content providers and viewers to keep comming back.

One day Rockerffeler sent a carton shirt to carniegie to remind him of his humble background,carnergie in return sent him a bottle of Champaign to remind him that he is a Christian,this in its true sence is a proclamation of war

«««««Andrew Carniegie»»»»»»Adsactly»»»»»»

@Adsactly is a true capitalist with empathy,a self acclaimed steemit Pioneer .He can ‘be liken to carniegie one of the wealthiest man in America,this is because @adsactly always think of the impossible as possible.

His intentions are known to him and God innovative person and highly intelligent.
.He carries his follower along ,while he waits patiently for the theme to grow.It was fabled that most of his followers can do anything for him, but critics will disagree.
Quote :
¤¤¤¤Having an enemy is what up's the game and motivate one to be a better person.¤¤¤

:::::::::::::::J.P MORGAN :::::::::::::@kalemandra:::::::::::
In the mist of this confusion is @Kalemandra an artistic enthusiast and a good one at that.
Her good seance of judgment in art is exquisite.A loving shepherd,An Art curator with a good eye for a masterpiece.A non judgemental woman with the ability to nurture her followers to improvements.One of the trail blazers in contest organisations, which other now replicate,She can be liken to the world's renowned investments bankers like JP Morgan,Morgan will invest in people of tallents,An example is Thomas Edison.

A new kind of threat is a Banker,who has made a furtune consolidating industries,buying out failing companies and returning then to profitability.
Company like carniegie steel ,he excel at taking wavering parties who were destroying an industry and bringing peace on terms that was suitable to all, profitable to him, which gave him a leaverage in the business itself, anyone who knows anything about him realize that like him or not he gets things done.
Dew to Andrew frick’s callousness,Carniegie fears that he might become J.P Morgan’s next target.he makes a bold move one that become all but inevitable,he sacked Andrew frick.
As carnirgie struggles to rebuild a broken empire,j.P Morgan continue to target darling companies,work alongside his lengendary father.They were doing it the “Morgan way”.

:::::Thomas Edison--:::::::---@meesterboom

Thomas Edison Was a renowned innovator since the age of 19 he first made his name by perfecting Telegraph,before going on to invent the phonograph,at 31 he was at the verge of his latest invention,”the light bulb and electricity that powers it.

Electric bulb will revolutionaize the world,and it will transform human existence,J.P Morgan saw this potential immediately and knows that it his chance to create his own legacy,one that will change the world.
Meesterboom,A Scottish whale, with boisterous personality,one of the very few steemians that replicate good will.He is a very funny man, He talks about his day like it's no one's business,He has a loyal followership,that always await his latest post.One unique characteristics about meesterboom is that he hardly criticizes people,,He take issues with a pinch of salt, A man that makes it his duty to vote all steemians that comment on his post,a very deligent person if you ask me.

::::::::::::Nikola Tesla::::::::::::::::::::@good-karma:::::::::::::

He was a Serbian-American inventor apprenticed under Thomas Edison.
He invented the Alternating Current .while Thomas invented the Direct current,Thomas always felt that a.c current was dangerous, but telsa proved otherwise.Tesla wants to out -perform his Boss ,a very persionate and a hardliner.

A witness and highly talented developer,he developed the app called the” esteem app”. Good-karma is a Peerplays witness.,he was known to have develop the steempoll, steemfest and the legendary Steem monitor apps.
Developers like @timcliff
@jesta @RoelandP@Pfunk @steemdice1
@Riverhead @Pharesim@[email protected] are instrumental to steemit being what it is today.exceptional developers with bright ideas.
they helped improve The website’s securities via programming, and helping to educate others on network and witness security via his blog. He was the first to composed one of the earliest Steemit guides on witness node security and protection from DDOS attacks:But then

»»»»»»»»Henry Ford»»»»»»»@sydesjokes»»»»»»»»

The founder of Ford motor company, although Ford did not invent the automobile and assembly line.

He has one unique attribute getting things done his way if all other attempt fail.He tries out what others feel will not succeed,@sydesjokes has this attribute,upwelling,giving out free faucets to minnows and dolphines alike,he has a large followership,and a very innovative man to the core.finally he likes to make jokes Anderson his followers love and adore him him for it

::::::::::::THE STAKEHOLDERS:THE WHALES:::::::::::::
Can steemit ever survive without the whalel?

Steemit is a vast community,no doubt about that,yes we have whales with S.P bigger than these guys mentioned above,these guys have touched the life’s of minnows,dolphins and shark alike,they are the future of steemit.after close observation whales listed below have been instrumental to the rapid development of this community by organising various types of contest, and helping new commers to understand how steemit works .

Let me say that we respect and value your contribution to this esteemed community.


This writeup is a figment of my imagination,and how I perceive the aformentioned Patriot listed above.I was inspired by the movie, The Men Who Built America, and I liken it to a new world of social media to which steemit is the the king.

If you find this writeup inspiring and it has lightened up your day, Kindly »»»Vote»»Resteem»»»»»««And comment.

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International Herald Tribune Television's The History Channel Drops 'The' and 'Channel' from Its Name, Keeps History March 20, 200

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Nikola Tesla was not a Serbian-American. He was born and raised by both orthodox Serbian parents and when he was a young man he moved to America because of the lack of resources to continue his inventions in Serbia. He only lived there, but he was 100% Serb.

But history will prove otherwise,do you have facts to buttress your point?

Well i am Serbian living in Serbia and that is what we were taught in school. We even had a field trip in like 5th or 6th grade to his parents house where he was born in. It's sort of a part of our history.

This is good,but Serbian-American. From the contest can also mean a Serbian that settled in the US, well going by the movies, The Men Who Built America, I will try and study the contest they were referring to by saying Serbian_American immigrants.

I am asking a physical student, and I understand how you feel.

I am just saying that serbian-american sounds like he was born from a serbian parent and american parent, which he was not for sure. He was a serb who lived in america but NOT born in america. I am just saying that the expression the writer used is not suiting.

Lol, I wouldn't go so far as to say I am a Scottish whale, Dolphin! :O)