What Is Envy?, What Does Envy Looks Like?

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If we do a quick Google search for What is envy?, Google will display this:

and if you search for What does envy looks like?, you will see this:

You must be wondering, "Why is King searching for that?", and the answer is simple really. Today one steemit user has reported us to @abusereports an account managed by @berniesanders because according to him we are a "Network" of Spam, Plagarism, and a bunch of others negative things.

You probably know me from YouTube, Twitter, or even a forum called BHW. Why did I search for what is envy?, becuase people like this really make me wonder, why does envy exist?, I saw another accusing comment of her/his and I was going to reply, but I thought to rather make a post and see if I'm the one that is in the wrong.

  1. We don't guaranteed financial freedom like this comments were saying. Another thing is that we are not a get rich quick anything. I'm pretty wealthy thanks to cryptocurrency investing, yes, and I'm very glad about it. People that pay for VIP is because they want to. We are not forcing anyone to join our VIP content and I even say many many times that our VIP is for people that have good jobs and disposable income that they are willing to lose since crypto is volatile and not one can't predict these markets. No one. Crypto is 100% speculation
  1. People are paying me for a service, not for charts, not for trading signals, they are paying me for my knowledge and for what I provide to them and they do so with a smile in their face. I provide a services like thousands of others, I dont see the point of mentioning that in here, so yes, more envy.

  2. VIP members are more catious to what they post in Steemit because they dont want to get ban from the bot. Regular member, that are people looking to get rich quick, are the ones spamming like manic, even though we have tutorials explaining how to use Steemit the proper way. Since our bot is having difficulties to avoid it getting satured we were only allowing the VIP members that use Steemit to use the bot.

I invite everyone to review both of my channel and tell me if my content is
"Get Rich Quick!"

Main Channel, Spanish, 14,937 Subscribers:

Secondary Channel, English, 1,277 Subscribers:

Again saying things which are not true. He's claiming that we only have 250 members from which 50 are VIP. This is the current number of member: 4,722

He said that recently we got 20k steem power but it wasn't recent at all, and besides that money is my own money. Since we started our Up Vote community, something that many has done in Steemit, I said I was going to invest over $100K in Steem Power to delegate to people in our community. See invest January 05 and January 06 not recent

First Investment

Second Investment

Third Investment

Link in image: http://www.steemreports.com/outgoing-votes-info/?account=dineroconopcion&days=31

People able to use our bout Trinity, were the one to which we have delegated's Steem Power because these users don't spam, and neither copy and paste stuff + they are active Steemit users. For a few weeks our bot's has been having issues and Dev is busy with real life matter. We have told people over and over again to Unregister so that they bot doesn't user their accounts, and that only people to which we have delegated will be using it. But needless to say, people don't listen.

Everybody is free to unregister from our bot, I'm not a Dev, I dont know how to force kick people out of it. The user was blaming me for things that I don't control. We all know that most people can't follow simple instructions.

Telling our users regarding current situation of our bot, Trinity


Like most people here I've used bidding bots, but not EVERY SINGLE ONE like the user was stating in his comment

This person is so pathetic and stupid that he forgets that people are able to check other's people wallet in steemit. Last time I used a bid bot was months ago, as I noticed that is better to earn your votes in a real way, instead of paying for it. If people like your content amen, if they dont fine as well.

Last but not least, this is the original reply that I made to @abusereports but deleted to be able to post it here without getting penalized by cheetah bot.

""Dear @abusereports and @berniesanders

We noticed that this user was reporting my accout for Spam and plegarism. If you find plegarism in my account please do go ahead and blacklisted us. We are not responsible for what people use our Bot for, however we are currently making upgrades to it and only Active Steemit users that make unique content will be able to benefit from our Steemit's Community.

If anything, we've help many people join and benefit from this platfrom, but envy is everywhere and that is something that is pretty clear. We are from Dominican Republic, even thought our country is poor, we will able to became wealthy thanks to cryptocurrency investing. We join Steemit to teach people from other poor countries to earn realible income from this platform.

We Delegated Steem Power to Active and hard working Users, that is something that you can go and check for yourself. Anybody benefiting from Us that get banned by @abusereports will be remove from our bot.

Our Bot is similar to @minnowsupport @msp3k and @cervantes

Ps: I would like to speak with you directly as I believe that we could join forces and together make Steemit a better place than what it's today, my Discord: TheKinGeeK👑#8321"

Final words: As of now our bot is closed down and no body can use it, not even me. The last thing that I need in my life is drama. I'm very thankful to God and the Universe for everything that I have today. I don't have time to be wasting with envious people that hates that someone that me that comes from the mud has wealth and a community that loves and respect him. I know it must be hard , but it's not my fault that you are where you are. It's my fault that I'm wealthy and have the community that I've, that is deff my fault for taking action and learning how to to things instead of crying for not having what others have.

If anyone knows the managers of @abusereports @berniesanders please show them this Post. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful and profitable day.

Why do people Envy others?, Please leave your answer below.

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Que tengas un buen dia

How ephemeral each day is to occupy it with hatred and resentment! Fight to achieve your goals prepare and work hard for it and always feel proud of you, if you fall get up

#waldenllenodeenvidia.. I have nothing more to say!

There should be a Steemcleaners division that take care of the haters..
Abuse, bad content or, plagiarism aren´t the only things to look out, hate is ever worse than all together, because it insert toxins in Steemit and Steemians that are difficult to remove.

Live and let live!

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

Those beings full of envy. That envious person will have some money, but they are poor in soul. The community @dineroconopcion is helping the entire Hispanic community. To all who are beginning to grow in steemit. That is what bothers the enemies of this project. Is not steemit supposed to be decentralized? I do not think so.! Anyone with a little bit of power calls himself steemit's police and destroys accounts of people who are just starting out, just for pleasure, for envy. Many Venezuelans use steemit as a source of income to survive, so as not to starve! because of a dictatorship. And the community of @dineroconopcion what it has done is to help many people from countries with problems, like Venezuela. Then comes an envious degenerate to destroy the life and work of people who need steemit as a means of subsistence.

Walden das pena ajena. Terrible!.

Haters will always be haters

Yeah... Haters will always be haters... but envy is worst than everything... hehe... #waldenllenodeenvidia

Creo que cuentas con el apoyo de todos en la comunidad, asi como tu ayudas a muchos creo que es momento en el que te podremos apoyar a ti

What a horror friend, there really is a lot of envy in some people.

Haters gonna hate! Forget about envy and focus on Good vibes! Thumbs up for your content and I would love to collaborate with you . Regards folks!

I wonder what they are going to say now

Gente con pocos valores, gente que en vez de ayudar perjudica, si por el fuera vendería a su familia con tal de ganar migajas. #waldenllenodeenvidia

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GWOW! Esta en candela esto!