The Steemjet World Cup – Day 7 – My Personal Ronaldo

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Now that everyone knows who my favorite player in the tournament is

And of course everyone already knows that I have love for all


I want to take a moment to introduce you to my favorite player. I have been admiring his style for months, searching it for flaw, and learning from it. The man is simply perfection. As he should be. He studied it all his life. Mastering every aspect of his chosen craft.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you a true master.

That shark in the STEEM talent pool.

He can ELI5 better than anyone alive.

My Personal Ronaldo

The king of cartoon


(video by @aamirijaz)

The immutable blockchain reveals the extent of my debt of gratitude to @shrazi who gave Olivia life.

(video by @ninoh22)

Olivia and the Superstar narrated by @krintenantai01 (SF4)

teaching by @cherylsonty (SF6)



That's right, it's better since it's open source. I've given the account access details to @lordjames as you said. But, before giving away all your money, I'll appreciate you include me in your plans too.

The other music artists that received gears aren't staying close to me, so, it will be quite difficult going to their place to use their gears.

I have bought a PC already, I still need some gears to make it complete. Here are the things I need:

  • Focusrite scarlett solo {an audio box which comes with free recording/mixing software}. = 300steem
  • Samson C01 microphone = 200steem
  • Semi-Acoustic guitar = 150steem
  • KRK KNS6400 Headphone = 90steem
  • Microphone tripod stand = 60steem
  • Pop filter = 30steem
  • XLR cables - (Mic cable) = 25steem
  • Camera - {for a better video quality & editing} = 400steem

Which totals = 1255steem.
Due to the present price value of steem, seems the price of these gears.

Working as an SF member and working with you has helped me achieved a lot, I'll be grateful if you look into my needs boss @dimimp.

You're my personal Ronaldo boss 😍.

Steemjet, on the wings of superstars, we are words and steem.

Sir @dimimp, I drew a picture of our beloved star player, Christiano Ronaldo for Steemjet worldcup, the picture is down below sir.

This is my drawing Sir, Steemjet we win together

yeah... Shazri all the way.

Let the best team win the World Cup, tho I support my country Nigeria.

Steemjet Boyee.png

I believe steem bath won't be bad in honour of our superb victory today.

Up Musa
Up Nigeria.

@dimimp a little part of me thinks you're Nigerian.

Btw here is a song from @kabolo and a link to the post.


Is @dimimp Peter Dinklage?

Hi @leggy23 nice to see you here.

Actually we don't know by the name he goes with or the face he wears.

But we know whoever he is changed life's here.
He however shares some attributes with Tyrion Lannister.

He is more of a Lannister than a Dinklage.

I believe we are talking about the same person. He is also known as peter Dinklage. It’s his name from one of his movies.
Had no idea Hollywood was already on steemit. That’s so awesome.

Yea I know who you are talking about.
The imp from Game of thrones right?

He loves Peter Dinklage character in the game of throne so well.
He however says figuratively that he isn't the one.

It can get very confusing unraveling the mystery behind his identity smiles.

Welcome to steemjet.
Nice to have you over here.

Thanks Jacob, happy to have stopped by.

@leggy23, good to have you here

Thanks, glad to be here.

You're the man @dimimp
I love Dim

Speak to @langford on this we already have a steemjet musical contest going on, you can team up with him to make it a success.

H. O. D steemjet music department.


@ninoh22 congratulations on finishing the story of Olivia the superstar.
Now @dimimp let's take this jet of the ground, we are ready for the next lessons this guys are making us move so fast like my life depend on this.
Go steemjet go Ronaldo, go global adoption.
I love you baby @dimimp.

@shrazi is a superstar and he surely has been a very proficient space force member...
I saw this amazing piece by an aspiring steemjetter..
@elenzy.. Do check it out.. Very talented lad


Thanks Dear @ubongi

Exclusive!! I made this drawing specially for @dimimp! Took me 45minutes to make it!


(sorry for posting this picture but i wanted you to see it)

Give it a look

Congratulations guys, I also wish to be loved by an extraordinary human like of @dimimp.

I so much love this superman @Dimimp. Yeah @shrazi is really a talented cartoonist 🕴

Thank You so Much Dear

our nineteen years old goal keeper


Well choosen @dimimp, your choice is my choice....
I will also keep working hard to be also loved as ronaldo by thine heart.

Haha, yes. Dimimp loves everybody. He even loves me so much(ronaldo)

@yungchief just made my day with that rap.

Hello sir I would have loved to put pictures of my design but here is the link.
Also I have request on the world Cup.
And here is the link too.

Hello @dimimp. Thanks for funding my request, I have gotten the camcorder and soon will get the remaining equipments. Here is a video I made

I have plans ongoing with the PR team to make the internet bubble with the good news of steemjet. Thanks for your care

hello sir @dimimp, I just got your reply on my proposal. thanks for the job at steemjet, am honored. but sir am still expecting liquid steem from you so that I can sort things out and present you with an incredible design for the steemjet webpages that am designing, Its a big task that demands fund. I will be waiting for the steem. God bless you sir

This design is inspired form the story of Olivia and the Super Star.
Due to the love that @dimimp has for Portugal superstar and Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo Olivia also sees Ronaldo as her superstar and went on to meet him and on meeting Ronaldo he said

I am a superstar touch me and make a wish

And Olivia think for a wish and remember that @dimimp make a bet that he will unmasked his true Identity if Ronaldo fail to raise the Cup so she make a wish for Ronaldo to win the world cup so that @dimimp will not loss the bet.

Sir @dimimp my system almost hanged while reading the Oliver story. I wonder how you managed to make this post without any issue. Truly this Olivia storyline deserves a world recognition. It is educative for the children and a great lesson "THERE IS AN ELEMENT OF GREATNESS IN EVERY MAN". I see the human feeling Oliver had, and I see her strength and positivity. She believed in herself and in her abilities by helping poor happie the bird, Mrs.Robbison, Mr. Ethan and others. I think that is what everybody should emulate.

In your previous post, I wrote about needing a job to compliment my university education. Sir, I think I can start by producing a book about titled "Olivia" and ensure that most schools (primary & nursery) get a copy for free in line with your mandate to teach the kids. I see Oliver cartoon series as the best way to inculcate crypto, steemit, blockchain and steemjet in to kids. More storyline will be added into the Oliver By the original author @shrazi to cover more on crypto and steemit since steemjet and smts is already inside the original. I know of a space force employee who has diverse skill in cartoon @nexrules and he is greatly talented. He can join the team also to monitor our steps.

There is a star in my DNA just like Olivia

Sir, I hope my request is looked upon.

Hello sir @dimimp I have some nice ideas regarding the steemjet community that will be of great benefit to the entrepreneurs and business minded people.
Below is a summary of what it would be about. I will please like you to take a look and express your thoughts about it.

It's the steemjet entrepreneurs and business circle (SJEABC) pioneered by me @utomobong your recent employee.

I hope you are enjoying the World Cup.

I am also ronaldo lover,
I am planning to do something better for the community but nowadays I am busy in m semester exams.
best wishes for ronaldo
and best wishes for steemjet.
long live steemjet.


I am seriously down here, no motivation to watch football anymore, not even to compose a post on steemit, I am in a crossroad.

Sir @dimimp, I so much respect you for your good work and for your effort of actualizing world adoption of steem.
I have a proposal sir. If there can be a way for we poet to also showcase our talent in your plan sir, it will be our joy. If there can be a contest for poets to also show their talents sir.
I will be glad if you can pls consider the proposal and let we poet also support in achieving your aim.
I wish I can work in team to achieve the steemjet purpose.

Here is a sample

Life can at times be ironic


What do you say when you have a bad day?
You think it's bad because you have no record of gain
Whose fault is it ? Maybe you can give a try and say
It is just natural because we can't also control rain

We think we deserve so much because we are so active
Curve move downward even in economic
What gain is of action when not productive?
Life can at times be like that, so ironic

It is clear that most people don't even read the post and they went ahead to upload series of pictures in the comment even when a simple request was made for them not to do so.

please we should learn to always read to the end.

That aside, this is my first time reading this epic comic book to the end. I think I missed some pages in the first downloads I made. It's so beautiful and I admired @shrazi for this amazing designs. Also to story line is simple and very well explain the concept of cryptos and SMT though to me I think we should reduce the number of industries to only as the line when the so so industry saw this, the came and got their own SMT is a little to many and therefore sounds repetitive.

Overall, I'll give it a full mark and I'm confidence it will serve as an effective tool to teach kids and even adult about this our new found world. Congratulations Steemjet Spaceforce, quite amazing.

Have also been wondering why it seems hard to follow clear instructions?
@dimimp humbly requested that no photos or videos should be posted, but at the moment, the number of photos & videos are countless.
I guess the #SpaceForceSecurity should come in here?
I guess it's high time I humbly requested that @dimimp add me up to the #SpaceForceSecurity..🤔☺️ because I desire to help many here to see simple & clear request as relevant.

Wow @ninoh22 .. The video is cool o. You try.
@shrazi worked tirelessly to make sure the olivia story was fun and engaging. He's the man of the year :D

I wish to be like the likes of @sharzi your talent is so pure just like diamond, congratulations guys job well-done.


Life is full of people but only the positive minded people thinks about helping other grow. The initiative of @dimimp and your style of helping other is an inspiration for me that if people like you are on steemit life on steemit will be better for minnows.
#steemjet is a place that everyone wants to be. It is a community at the verge of reaching the peak. Thanks to the pilot @lordjames, @uche-nna, @jesse12, you are all a blessing for everyone

@shrazi inspired a lot of things... He deserves all the accolades

Thanks @shuta, You always been helpful for me

also have a look on this post new by inzz_06-23-04.37.34.png

Hello boss @dimimp, i've sent a lot of texts and comments on your blog post but you don't really seem to check it out. I guess proably you busy and all that. This is actually a call to be a member of the space force (sf) team.

Why do i say that?

Well as we all know, the steemjet is a moving train without any brakes! well i'd love to be a part of this train and this is because i have realized that i could assist a lot of burdensome works that other members might be facing. I can also be training and lecturing new members who just came onboard on the blockchain with some helpful tips they need to know about stee, since the steemjet is all about steem and words i think they need to know that to.

Earlier this year i and some couple of friends began a little outreach at the Rivers state of science and technology school, and it was successful with the images below.

We actually ran out of funds and couldn't proceed.

So with the steemjet community, i hope we could get your support and also be a part of the sf members and do great things that will take the steemjet community to the next level. Thanks for reading my post sir.

@dimimp thinking of the next step to take...
My personal Ronaldo

A man like Ronaldo

A whale like no other


The super eagles of Nigeria score 2 goals to 0 against Iceland.
It was fun watching them play!

Hello boss @dimimp
In line with the Steemjet Launch Code 5...

Show us something impressive, prove your Superstardom.

I decided to create something spectacular as an alternative, to be selected and used as the new steemjet logo.
Logo design by HR.jpg

In the design I made above, the flying jet signifies the growth and progress of the steemjet community, as it keeps flying into a higher altitude onboarding new members.

Also, you can see very well, the fumes of smokes discharged from the jet, this signifies the weight of impact created already by the steemjet community through their various projects, both group and individual projects.
The smokes also represents, the spread of crypto knowledge, and knowledge about steem and Steemjet, from the crypto air space where delegates/members reside, to the forgotten corners of the world.

The Logo inside the circle is the Steemit logo, as Steemjet is a community established on the steem blockchain. The words embedded round the circle, is the official slogan of Steemjet.

On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem

Here's link to the official contest entry I made for this logo;

Steemjet Lead HR.jpg

Lead HR, SF 4, setting boundaries....


On the wings of superstars, I am words and Steem

Always on the wings of superstars

And it finished the way, eagles flying so high. 😍😍😍
Steemjet: on the wings of superstars, We are words and Steem

Haven't been answered on my proposal

Hello @dimimp am glad that you love ronaldo-c7 as much as i do, btw i took his persona because he is a hardworking man and i am too, he is a team player so i am. But what is your take on the next match? Will it be a win or a loose. ??

"I am just like ronaldo" Haha. We have both things in common.


wow @dimimp . he is truly a hero

Hello @dimimp I know you love creativity so I tried to be creative here.. This is steemjet first ever story I guess.. Took me a while to get it done.. But I guess hard work do pays.. I really do want to become an SF sir.

Thank [email protected] @for you generosity and consideration to work for this body.on the wings Of superstar I am world and steem. thank you.please give me a upvote done [email protected]
Best of luck..

I am also a fan of this greatest players. You have done great job in photos. Thanks for sharing.

I didn't see this coming. @Dimimp, you are really full of surprises. I have been smiling since i saw this post coupled with battling to open and read the post.

I am grateful for the promotion

I will continue to always do my best for the SteemJet community.

More updates of my activities in promoting Steem/SteemJet community coming and I got a chance to interview @uche-nna (CEO of SteemJet). Details coming

Thanks once more

Great to see you sir this fifa is so special from me matches are so hard to predict.

Wow that's great [email protected] sir.
Football is a international I like it football that everyone knows who my favorite player in the tournament is on of course every one already know that I have been love for all. I hold my lov
e for my fellow them mate for above a my affection. I might have for the great Ronaldo.
Ronaldo is very beautiful and smart player.
Best of luck ...

@dimimp you are touching lifes.

please look at this wonderful drawing my little son made for steemjet.

Hmmm @empato365.

Hello @dimimp.

The next writing contest will come up next week and I request for 3500 liquid steem to run the contest. I will not agree reveal the topic the writers will compete on yet, because it is a contest anyway.

I will advice upvotes are better,the previous proposal you wrote you were given 800 sbd for it, but you decided to use 200 sbd for it and save 600 in a bank of atat (@bankofattat) just like the politician of Nigeria.....
So you think @dimimp will not find out your wallet because he doesn't have the time to monitor the funds.
Well I am Here now, hello @dimimp the previous funds you gave to @empato he did not use it atall let him use it for the contest he is proposing for, he own the key to @steemjetcontest so he used it to ask for funds, 30k SP is already delegated to the account use it wisely, find new ways to help the community.


The favorite player I admire so much and he is also very clever and a lot of his ideas.
and also the coach really trust him ..
he is very serious in playing.
Good luck my senior..
Best favorit

Nice .....@dimimp
I wondered why steemjet sponsored by you @dimimp should not have a coin under the crypto-currency of its own .A commitee such as this @steemjet should have a coin of its on judging from the rapid increase in developement of these great committee @steemjet sponsored by you @dimimp is going .Here is a proposed #steemjetcoin i made for steemjet with a friends computer ;


This is a proposed symbol for the steemjet coin

I did all this with the help of a friends computer .and i believe that steemjet coin can become a reality @dimimp,hope you see to this proposal @dimimp

thank you @dimimp

THANKS @dimimp,
I have no words for You,
Yes I have Done work for You, But You rewards me (Very Much) and YOU and all of the community give me respect and Love here

@dimimp, I've offered myself to render a selfless service for the stemjet project for some months and I'm yet to hear from you.

I'm a serving corps member of my community and I have been carrying an underground project in preaching steemjet to a village I was posted to serve the nation.

I want you to make me your SF and I promise to contribute to the development of steemjet.

I've been an ardent follower of stemjet both on discord and steemit, and I monitor your activities closely. I just want you to empower me and I promise to give my best to steemjet

This world cup make some unbeleiveable result.


Great blog post you are discovering amazing artists sir i am so glad for your work.

@Dimimp and Ronaldo is the bestIMG20180621201308.jpg

Well [email protected]: dimimp [email protected] steemit projects and plan every beautiful and very important idea.
Steemjet on the wings of superstar we are world and steem.these are my works for the contact as will also post them you the contast theard.
Thank for sharing this post..

He is not only your favorite players but also mine. You have done good work in the photos. Thanks for sharing.

I am your favorite player right ?

It looks great what the others have done, the designs of logos are very nice

hellio sir @dimimp. How are you ? I really want to appreciate your support towards @steemcamp grand final project. The 1000 steem you sent has helped us pay for the event venue and accomodation for 8 days.
God bless you and i hope to give you update on how the event is going.

Indeed @shrazi did a great job and I am sure he would even do better any time he is called upon. That's a true steemjet team player and legend on steemjet like Ronaldo in football. I hope to be as good and hardworking as shrazi on steemjet.

These are my works for the contest as i will also post them on the contest thread.

steemjet kenneth2.jpg

And this...

I hope you like them.

@dimimp I want to appreciate you for hiring me . so I did this little recording just to encourage steemjet and also trustign that gadgets will be made available to carry out this work effectively

Greetings to you sir dimimp .... this is my entry for steemjet logo contest hope you like it sir @dimimp ... my main aim is to be the part of Steemjet community and help to promote steem and Steemjet for its global adoption and for that I need your support
Sir @dimimp here is my link for Steemjet logo contest hope you will like it and hire me in SSF .... I hope you have seen my previous art work on Steemjet... I have been working on steemjet art work since I used Steemit ...i have been planing to promote steem and Steemjet in schools and colleges and for implementing such thing i need your support sir dimimp .... sir you have appreciated my previous work .... now I hope you will like my latest work too ....please have a look on my latest post regard to Steemjet logo contest... I will be so thankful to you sir

This is is an amazing art work my dear friend. Well done!

Thank you @essiential ... hope sir dimimp will like it too ... after few days I will visit few schools and colleges to promote steem and Steemjet

I love it when people recognize how brilliant others are, show that you are a person with humility and a great heart, they seem to be wonderful and worthy of admiration! congratulations for that!

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