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here we go @dimimp. The Nigerian jersey looks good on you. You deserve all the accolades. :D



mehn I'm so loving this... nice one brother


I love this art


Chai.... So much creativity

Steemjet Beauty-1.png

I rep vs argentina...loading..aayyee


Nigeria all the way


You guys are really great with this graphics. Steemjet is full of talent.

I support my country, no matter what...



Gravity Art for steem.
For the love of steem.


I rep this, I love it


I really love the color of Nigeria on this logo.


So much love for my country. More strength to us as we face Argentina and their squad. They have Messi, our Musa is waiting for them too. Do you guys think we will beat the Argentines?



For sure we are looking for a win or a draw, and I hope Croatia win their next match against Iceland, then we qualify for the quarter final.


This is awesome guys! @lordjames it's a must we must beat Argentina no doubt about that.... we have done it in the friendlies and def we will do it again at the world cup...


Definitely! We are currently a better side.


It's still echoing everyday.... "we love SteemJet.....!!!!"

We could still do more. Incase you missed boss see how it went here


I'd love to do this again....
Putting smiles on those little one faces would be a blessing to the steemjet community...
Go bless us🙏


Definitely, we are going to touch life's like they've never experienced b4.


Thanks for helping the needy.


The smile and happiness we were able to bring to those kids proved that with steem we can make a lot of lives better.

With steem we can make the motherless feel the love of parents.
To make this a reality for many others, we'll need the help of the boss @dimimp and I'm positive that he has the broke and motherless in mind..

Let's do this again

Steemjet : we are word and steem


The boss currently is low on liquid steem, I'm sure when he undelegates and powers down definitely!


@sheriffakin, leave my comment alone stop hiding under steemjetcurator whatever. I don't need your upvotes please. Next time I won't be so nice.

With grateful heart, hope and confidence... We shall live to fulfil our dreams and continue flying on the wings of superstars for we are word and STEEM!!



I found you and you found me boss, I want to be the second money man @dimimp.

With this loyalty and steadyfast
Am started thinking maybe @dimimp was from Nigeria but born abroad

#proudly Nigerians
#God bless @dimimp


He loves Nigeria, because most of his employees are from Nigeria.

@dimimp sir it's your boy the STEEMJET quarterly sir this is a link 🔗 to my proposal weeks ago be very happy sir if you open the link

I'm pretty sure the Nigerian team will win the next match. And then, I'll invite everyone over to discord for a Kunu party. @dimimp, here is the new logo design I made for steemjet, do well to check it out at your spare time, in the post I made below, to see what the Logo represents....
Logo design by HR.jpg

Steemjet Lead HR

  • setting boundaries....

This logo really kills the color combination.


I'm sure Nigeria will do the best.
Great logo mate

Ahmed musa is the best


he is indeed extraordinary and his ability to match RONALDO.
I really like Ahmad musa..
Good job my friend


Nigeria needs a win or a draw, but I hope we qualify for the quarter final so I can see @dimimp drink again.

did some nice designs today.



What's up boss ?
How have you been ?
I hope you are in the best of health. Though I am a huge fan of football but our country doesn't have a recognised football team in the world cup.
So I'm going to cheer for Nigeria, my favourite players are Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar. I hope Nigeria will win the upcoming matches.
Apart from that let me know what you think about this logo that I have made for Steemjet.
1529653318708 (1).png


steemit logo 1.png
Hello @dimimp steemit helping hands is here to seek your support for our upcoming project, steemit helping hands is a steemit charity project that has harnessed the steem blockchain to save lives , and reach out to the desperate needs of others, we have successfully completed several charity projects via steem.

  1. The baby suffering from hydrocephalus

This was our very first project, a donation of 1.2million naira to a baby with hydrocephalus condition,who needed money to complete his surgery, we successfully raised this funds and completed the donation.

  1. The steemian with ectopic pregnancy

The second was a donation to a steemian who had ectopic pregnancy.

  1. Steemithelpinghands free medical outreach

This project was a medical aid to a slum community in Lagos we visited this community it is such a riverine area surrounded by water a dirty one at that, they bath, drink, cook and defecate in the same water, they are obviously exposed to a whole lot of disease, steemit helping hands decided to take medical aid to this community , after our visit to this community even though there is a whole lot to achieve, we decided to take this first step, by giving out medical aid to them, this was also successful,we reached out to large number of community members, thanks to all the love and support we got.

Our current project
This time steemit helping hands is here to seek your support, we embarked on another project to effect change into lives, this time we are setting out to empower orphaned children, not only to provide for their needs but also to leave them with skills to enable to be independent and impact knowledge into them.

But how can we achieve this without your support, kindly render a helping hand to us and enable steemit helping hands achieve this mission, and also our other amazing life changing projects that is yet to come.

Thank you in advance for your support.
Please do check out our blog for every other info you might need.

Hi @dimimp, which country do you support in the current World Cup?


Well Nigeria of course!


@enolife he loves Ronaldo but he wants Nigeria to win.


Can you really say that? You know there is a challenge that is on in which @dimimp hopes Christiano Ronaldo wins the World Cup.


Hello sir @dimimp the steemjet musical contest has since kicked off and we have received some mind blowing entries. We've had issues with publicity so it will be of great help if you can resteem the contest post and if possible post about it before the audition closes on friday. I'll love for you to check the #steemjetmusical and see the great entries from contestants.


Team Nigeria, really making waves in this tournament... who's in for stake in a bet for tomorrow's game. Nigeria vs Argentina

I bet Nigeria wins..... cos we're on the wings of superstars...

Am beginning to think that you are a Nigerian sir @dimimp
Meanwhile check this out, a new template for a proposed brand.
Am still waiting for your approval so I can go ahead with steemjet's own.

This is @mbj spending quality time, this is going global already.......I look forward to become the second money man @dimimp.

Go Steemjet


So I alongside @yungchief and @uche-nna went to get bags for our first ever steemit camping trip; steemcamp.

We walked around the market till our soles hurt, it was the Suleja International Market, Niger State Nigeria 🇳🇬.


We were so excited when we finally saw some bags that had something like the @steemjet logo and we didn't hesitate to make them our pick since we will be representing steemjet community in the camp.

The camp is starting on 1st of July to 8th of July and I think it's going to be awesome.

Steemcamp is expected to camp both steemians and non steemians and we will be telling them about steemit and the endless heights they can attain on this platform.

See us reciting the Steemjet Slogan right in the middle of the market.

This is your obstacle for this game

New Doc 2018-06-24 (1)-01.jpeg




And i believe u will fight this man laterNew Doc 2018-06-21-03.jpeg

I love Naija and I'm so proud of my Country!

Steem to the moonIMG-20180619-WA0004.jpg

They sure are cool buddy nice shots .

Especially the stand ups in the front of the eagle and those poses were awesome guys ;)

Steemjet Nigeria go ahead guys :)

All the very best to all of the users !

Greetings to you sir dimimp .... this is my entry for steemjet logo contest hope you like it sir @dimimp ... my main aim is to be the part of Steemjet community and help to promote steem and Steemjet for its global adoption and for that I need your support
Sir @dimimp here is my link for Steemjet logo contest hope you will like it and hire me in SSF .... I hope you have seen my previous art work on Steemjet... I have been working on steemjet art work since I used Steemit ...i have been planing to promote steem and Steemjet in schools and colleges and for implementing such thing i need your support sir dimimp .... sir you have appreciated my previous work .... now I hope you will like my latest work too ....please have a look on my latest post regard to Steemjet logo contest... I will be so thankful to you sir

Hello @dimimp I would like to direct your attention towards the below post. Kindly do go through the comment section in the post as well. I hope people deserve much better and hope you will help them out

I would also, with a lot of sadness, offer my notice on moving away from @steemjet. Steemjet is currently not a positive place to be around. I love the time that I spent here and the time I had having people come over and join steemjet however I do not think my work can be possible with the hostile environment, specially from the people who are at the top and meant to be the pillars. Abusive language towards a woman is not tolerated where I am from and I had no one to take a stand or support me except for a handful few, for whom I am always thankful. Please proceed to take the delegation off my name as it would make a lot of people feel better If I am away.

I am truly honored and humbled by your trust and the opputunity presented by you and someday hope to work with you again on something great!

Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart!

  • Your fiction writer.


You see dedication to one’s work is most crucial
This is life , so many undesirable people and circumstances but what determines success is focus and determination. Only you can change the world you know, if the affairs and environment is not welcoming enough , then together we can make it a better.
Winners don’t quit, they persevere. Put in your effort ... your very best in anything and everything then leave the rest , your best will go a long way making a difference. If you quit now , what would then happen when things are in place .
Focus is the key , focus ... look not the noise of the market.

@dimimp,the videos were exceptional..
Long live dimimp

The Nigerian team has given its own color in the 2018 world cup, they played well and have entered the competition to qualify for the next round, hopefully the national team nigeria.
Like steemjet
Thanks @dimimp.

Greatly designed......
Good job.


Hello @tigerplus you've noted for spamming and dropping meaningless comments for that you've been blacklisted.

My dear boss@dimimp your post is very beautiful.
Thank for you and upvote done sir.

hope Nigeria will pull this off!!
here is my work for logo contest2018-06-23-15-23-17.jpg

I am beginning to see dimimp as a Nigerian man, much love.

Am really happy see my edited pictures on your blog post..
On the wings of superstars we are words and steem

Sir dimimp I guess you've not seen my design


I want to believe that you are also supporting us @dimimp. Thanks for the support, I hope Nigeria fly high just like steemjet

I see clearly that @dimimp supports nigeria in this World Cup. You’re much appreciated commander. That’s the spirit of naija , good people, great nation

Steemjet all the way, naija all the way

Steemjet Nigeria for life! Thank you for this opportunity @dimimp


We are Nigerians! We are words and steem

The best comeback from nigeria. Best play and best player. More than before. Comeback as the last. And born the great name who will be the top player.


Wow! I'm feeling so fly right now. We must send Argentina packing from the world cup.

I must say you guys are so amazing! Steemjet has come to stay and will definitely take over the world. I love it and would love to be part of it cause I know with @dimimp by our side, the world will stand for our sake. Excellent work guys

We love you dimimp..
My entry for the logoIMG-20180625-WA0001.jpg

Wow.....This is what i call "Beautiful football - beautiful Nigeria" ... Proudly Nigerian . Nice one sir

Nigeria players coming in against Agentina tomorrow.IMG_20180625_214945_696.jpgIMG_20180625_214945_696.jpg

Waiting for us to win so I can share a glass of wine with @dimimp

Sure win for Nigeria against Argentina

In case you're reading this @dimimp. Let me start by telling you that I love your work and passion for humanity. You've give life to the lifeless and hope to the hopeless through the creation of your wonderful project, called steemjet

I just want to use this opportunity to tell you that I will like to work with you to attain this global height. I want to use my gifts and talents to make an impact in steemjet just as others are doing.

As a publicity member for @steemiansarena, I have been able to successfully onboarded new members to the platform and this has been my primary intention in making steem global.

I'm a marketer by profession and I've been able to cajole and lure members of my community to steemit, which I'm still doing, and I believe my publicity skills is going to be useful to steemjet

It's my joy to be part of steemjet and I hope to hear a positive reply from you @dimimp


This worldcup great team Nigeria.
Great player .

Proudly Nigerian,
Proudly Steemjetters

I actually made a design for the Nigeria win in the last game


@dimimp you are doing a great Job here. Love every post u post about football, that makes my son so happy whenever he sees any post u post about football he tries to draw something related to that.

Please kindly look at what David of 8years drew last night.

Thank you Sir for the support. Nigeria will make all of us proud


Thank you Sir for the
Support. Nigeria will
Make all of us proud

                 - donnest

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It's amazing how they promote their own merchandise! I hope they go well in that business :)

I'm glad you're supporting us DIMIMP.. Let's go super Eagles

In case you're reading this Dimimp, I'm yet to get a response from about being part of the steemjet SF

Sadly our team is not in the tournament :( But my best wishes are with #Nigeria to win this cup <3 Go Nigeria go <3

@dimimp boss if you are reading this comment, kindly response to my fund appeal for the laptop, I'm not able to make design for you now :( my laptop just sucks, i'm using it for 4 years :)
Thank you,
waiting for your response :)
You boy

I hope Nigeria will win the match against Argentina...As a muslim country i support Nigeria,,I hope Ahmad Musa will get a pair of goal..

Hi @dimimp in Game of throne i love this character.He and sansa stark are mine favorite.
I have seen on steemit there are many successful steemians from Nigeria.They are very talented people and nice too :)

Hi..... steemjet with Nigerian color's.



I created this logo for steemjet lovers,
I want @dimimp to like it.


Congratulations @dimimp!
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Ahmad musa number onePicsArt_06-26-11.13.05.jpg

they will send Messi home, Tonight!

Hello boss @dimimp, i've sent a lot of texts and comments on your blog post but you don't really seem to check it out. I guess proably you busy and all that. This is actually a call to be a member of the space force (sf) team.

Why do i say that?

Well as we all know, the steemjet is a moving train without any brakes! well i'd love to be a part of this train and this is because i have realized that i could assist a lot of burdensome works that other members might be facing. I can also be training and lecturing new members who just came onboard on the blockchain with some helpful tips they need to know about stee, since the steemjet is all about steem and words i think they need to know that to.

Earlier this year i and some couple of friends began a little outreach at the Rivers state of science and technology school, and it was successful with the images below.

We actually ran out of funds and couldn't proceed.

So with the steemjet community, i hope we could get your support and also be a part of the sf members and do great things that will take the steemjet community to the next level. Thanks for reading my post sir.

Sir this is my entry for the voice submission contest.
This is the link to my blog account where you will see the link to my sound cloud account,where i recorded it.
Am sorry for my late entry sir.

Sir i was wondering may be you've not seen my creativitu for thE steemjet world cup logo contest.
You may love to check it out.


SteemJet forever, Naija for life!

Good day sir,
I need a little more help from you,
Remember you gave me 25sbd for my steemitcookbook project, I tried to manage it just to make sure I could get something out of it but it didn't go as planned due to the current price of steem.
I could not even pay the developers for the website.
If you could fund it with 200 steem it will sure go a long way and I promise to present every bit of the project to you by tomorrow this time. Thanks @dimimp

I'm impressed right now and I'm proud to be a Nigerian. I love it that @dimimp knows the impact of Nigerians on the Steemjet Space Force, viz a viz the steem blockchain. Keep soaring eagles, Keep winning, keep steeming.

On The Wings of Super Eagles, we are victors and winners...

Glad to know we finally got your attention.
We had recorded a song for SteemJet titled SteemJet Love.

SteemJet Love
Listen to steemJet love by kabolo #np on #SoundCloud

And here is the instrumental for the tracks

Listen to steemJet Love instrumental​ by kabolo #np on #SoundCloud

The track was recorded, mastered and produced by @kanemonday and @giftk
A second track along with an accompanying music video was in the works but has been stopped until we get your verdict on this.

steemit nigeria all the way

Nice images...up nigeria !! Up steemjet!!!

That's a great video sharing.
I like steemjet.
I love it.
Thanks for sharing this video.
Upvote done @dimimp