OK @dimimp, I know you will enjoy it.

We present to you a true and valuable project initiative - @STEEMJETDROPS.


Basically, about airdrops just as the name implies, birthed by four spaceforce members. It is an initiative in alignment with your aim of steemjet : "TEACHING CRYPTO TO THE WORLD."
And we are doing that in our own little way. @Steemjetdrops is going to enlighten the steem community on the knowhow of airdrops.
We will do these with self explanatory posts and updates and hopefully In the long run. They will be acquainted with airdrops. Then we start dropping the different links.

It is a great initiative because being free cryptocurrencies, airdrops can be instrumental in helping an individual have a wide crypto portfolio. And it will also give some sort of financial freedom as these tokens and coins can be sold to ease off various burdens.

Just as you say, we don't want our friends to be broke. Airdrops will afford a source of income for the participants.

So we're coming all out @dimimp to request for your support on this wonderful project @steemjetdrops.

We will need all the support we can afford in terms of steempower and steem. We want to make this a success and a big thing!

We believe you'll grant our request for support so we can make this a success. Thanks.