More than 10000 SP

in steem •  14 days ago

Finally we reached more than 10000 SP it was one of our primary goal, and in few months we have been able to reach it!

Screenshot_2019-02-03 SteemWorld ~ digital mine.png

The next stop will be reach 20000, in order to increase the efficiency of our promotion packages, and being able to offer more free services, like the account creation, to help the steem blockchain to thrive!

For now I would like to thank all of my delegators:


Thanks guys you rock ;)

If you want to join our community and want to delegate some SP to get resteem and upvotes by us please read here

If you want to chat with us this is the discord channel

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Hey @digital.mine never come across such great effort and support on steem blockchain. Congratulation on achieving your first target....soon we get to another target and made every Steemian to contribute to the good cause.

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Thanks man appreciated;)

Awesome job! I might have to delegate 😬

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I would be happy to read and help you with my resteem and upvotes ;) Join discord mate we can talk there if you want!

Thank you for support me🙏

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the same thing around mate ;)

Great work keep on going.

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Thats great work my friend.
Keep it up

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Thx my friend ;)