shameful day

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After finishing breakfast I opened my laptop immediately to complete troublesome and piling up tasks. While I was typing, my mother asked about my daily life, and I talked about my usual daily life. My mother began to talk a lot, with a weak tone I listened to my mother and left my duties. It is rare for me to speak at length to my mother because I am one of the few people who talk a little.

It wasn't long before my mother was getting sleepy too and maybe I'll stay awake for this lonely night. I also continued to do my chores, not long after the woman who was looking after her sick grandmother next to my mother came to me to ask me if I could borrow my cellphone to be able to contact her family.

I borrow my cellphone. I'm a little curious about this woman. After he finished using my cellphone not long after he returned my cellphone. I asked him what his name was and where he came from. He did not answer my questions and only thanked me. I wondered whether I was too ugly to ask such things or I was too aggressive. I will not ask the same thing to him again, and I keep my curiosity.

The next day I woke up from my sleep, looked around and I did not see the woman, has she gone? Will I not be able to see that woman? But never mind, I don't care anymore. Today I will go to the doctor to ask for a prescription because my mother will be going home this afternoon. When I returned from the doctor's office, I was surprised that my best friend was visiting my mother.

He asked me if there was a woman in my mother's room too. I said yes and I also told the woman's treatment to me last night. He laughed out loud while insulting me in front of my mother and mother also laughed. He said,

"Hahahaha ... From a long time ago you never had a match with women."

"Do not say like that ki, even you never feel dating yourself." I said

We mock each other and laugh together. It wasn't long before he asked me if I wanted to open a new business. But for now I can't think of a new business for now because I'm still thinking about my mother's recovery. My best friend invited me to open a coffee shop because I worked as a barista before I continued my studies.

It's been two hours he sat with me and he was about to go to work and I had to take my mother's lunch. In the afternoon we went home and were greeted by my father and sister.

To be continued...

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