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Since the creation of Bitcoin, a large number of new cryptocurrencies have emerged, since they have had a great impact on the market, being a new form of payment and obtaining money, until today more than 1500 cryptocurrencies are known and it is estimated that there is a short term that number is increasing, but there is a cryptocurrency in particular that has given much to talk about, by the way someone can get it and the value that it has, that cryptocurrency is Steem.

"Steem is a platform and a cryptocurrency that combine blockchain technology with a social network that rewards its users with tokens every time they interact with the community, both publishing content and evaluating them."

There are different ways to obtain the Steem cryptocurrency, one of them is creating content in the interface developed and directed by Steem's founders, which is Steemit, in addition to creating content and receiving payment for them, Steem can also be obtained by voting of other publications that are of greater interest to the user, there are other methods to obtain Steem as mining with the Proof-of-Work algorithm which requires the maintenance of a complete node to contribute to the development of the network.

In addition to these options, throughout the creation of Steem and Steemit other projects have been created to obtain Steem as they are Dtube, which is a platform in which the main objective is to upload videos, which will be paid with Steem cryptocurrency, depending on the quality of the video and how popular the video is among the users. In addition there is the creation of Steem Monster, eSteem, Busy, Patriko and many more.

The value of the Steem currency, has had its ups and downs, has reached high valuations and low also, but it is normal, it is a currency with a few years in the market and has not yet been established and has not yet had the impact among the necessary investors, this is why it is necessary both in the steem community and in the other options offered, to inform Steem to a greater number of users and to make this cryptocurrency grow and become one of the most important in the market.

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