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I was checking my account in steemd website and remembered today marks my first year in #steem.

And to be honest it was a great experience. STEEM blockchain taught me lot of things. I have lot of hopes for the future. And those hopes are not just about greedy monetary benefits. Of course I love the incentives. But beyond that I love the technology. As I have said in past, the first thing which I searched was science articles and communities. And I found #steemstem. Which to this day is my favorite community ever. I have never involved with any community in past like this before. It is a part of my life now. See my 4th activity on blockchain:

Without any recommendation from people,I found out this community <3

Actually in the last year beginning, I was searching for a blockchain based stackexchange like website. This is how I found steemit. None suggested this website to me. It was a solo search. And the search gave me something bigger. Now we have #stemq and #musing like apps built on STEEM. I love those kinds of QA websites. #stemq is dear to me because of its STEM specialization.

Hoping to continue this exciting journey in coming years too!

Bye for now! Keep steeming!

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How come I missed this post? Anyway happy steemiversary senior. Few more days to go for my steemiversary.


thanks man :)

Am I your senior on steem? I thought you joined early :)

Congrats on a year! You've been an awesome member of the SteemSTEM community!

Congratulations on your first year on Steem! :)


Thank you :)

Congratulations. Here is to more years. :D


Thank you :)

The community is lucky to have you onboard. Respectful to others and always insightful you've acquired the respect of many Steemians.
Happy anniversary!

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Thank you <3

I am glad that I met people like you here.

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