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Hey digital folks

*Getting used to all the things in and around Steemit, so i decided to try out some

First one SteemTools is very useful for everyone not familar with Markdown

On SteemStyle you can write your post in a very easy texteditor which gives you full Markdown capabilities with little to no effort.
Should also be great for people who don't have too much time on their hands!
This post is also being written there right now!

Second is

I have already subscribed for an account but still need to dive into the chat itself. Anyway, having a direct chat with people can be an low threshold way of getting to know eachother so be sue to check out this SteemIt chat, but if it's not your taste here, then there are many others for you and me to check out
Eager to get to know some folks around here and share interesting thoughts and ideas, but the width of this Steem community is surprising!

It seems that there are so many people dedicated to growing and building this platform, and actually do that with some common sense and clever thinking.
Not all major-blockchain communities can say that. While CryptoKitties is/was another cool application build on-chain, it was a major lesson learned about capacity of blockchain networks in general.

So if you are one of these people dedicating blood sweat and tears for this community, be sure to know that you and your work is being appreciated :)

Anyway now i'm wandering off here.

Back on topic.

Third cool tool

The STEEM - API itself it an awesome playground if you have the right skills to work with Javascript and/or Python. Which i don't have myself,
but while i'm still learning those languages i took a moment to check out the documentation on the API. Reading through it was actually pleasant, if you get what i mean.
Everything looked simple and clear and made me feel like i could build something very nice with this API in a matter of hours.
I know a little about IT/network/data - architectures, but that would be just enough to recognise when developers have done a great job of when it is all terrible.

I spend some time going through the doc (which went rather automated, just reading on and on, skipped some here and there) and having the code examples right next to it made my brain overdrive on all sorts of ideas what i was able to do if i tackle the code.
Oh my brain was pleased by that

So again, while i'm nowhere near a seasoned web or softwaredeveloper, i still want to get


to check out the STEEM API, which basically is the mediator between the blockchain, its database, and in this case the Steemit website, but it could be any platform or website or app on your phone, even your own.
And just because the people at STEEM HQ did such a great job designing and structurising their back-ends we have endless possibilties trough just a few simple lines of code.
Isn't that amazing? Certainly makes me smile :)

So i had another one or two to say something about, but i'll save it for a new post. Then i will be able to get a little deeper into the functionality itself.
Time's up, my eyes are already closing om me here...
It is bedtijd

Sneakpeek here on the next post: It will be about The SteemPress plugin and SteemIT timeline for wordpress.

Now i'm thinking about writing a series on cool stuff which is being developed on STEEM, hmmmm considering.......
I will check these out and tell you what i think.

What a time to be alive, we even have Starman flying around the Milkyway in a Tesla.

See you around here, and stay healthy

and please mind my laser-shooting cat here :)



*Steemstyle by: @newandold

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Weet jij hoe ik me foto's links of rechts kan plaatsen? Ik ben die code kwijt, maar ik zie ook niemand meer dat doen. Misschien werkt die code niet meer.

Btw op steemitchat ben ik @markush weet niet hoe jij dat hebt gedaan maar kan gewoon via je Steemit acc.



Joo man,
Volgens mij heb ik dat ook zo gedaan, maar ben nogal traag met aanpassen aan dingen weet je.
Anyway ik voeg je op chat man, spreek je derow ok wéh.

BTW Volgens mij kan je alleen nog center gebruiken hier