73 - Sheldon and Detlev in love with a number

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73 lovers.png
Picture by bigbangtheory.fandom.com and modified by @detlev

You might know that guy on the left, but the shirt of the right guy looks way better, as the cool details count.

Today my reputation turned 73

and this motivated my to create some number nonsense or however you name such a kind of number fetich.

73 detlev.gif

Enjoy seventy-three

73 celebration
at least with

A big bang

73 is Sheldon Cooper's favorite number in The Big Bang Theory. He first expresses his love for it in "The Alien Parasite Hypothesis".
Jim Parsons was born in the year 1973. "The Alien Parasite Hypothesis" is the 73rd episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Subsequently he often wears a t-shirt with the number 73 on it.

A bus from 73

This one drives a lot of memory back as I did a few tours in a bus like this in the mid 80s to Greece and Portugal

Found at youtube

and there is as well a video about this one.

Found at youtube

A BMW from 73

Now you might even think I'm getting into car fetich with all this old machines. Actually I never had a BMW for myself.
Found at youtube

This is Richard Sterns '73 BMW 2002 Tii and you may see it driving here...

Clothes with numbers

I remember time where we used clothes with this strange looking numbers from the 70th and other.

Found at redbubble.net

Cool 73 animations

On my search I as well found this well done animation and got the feeling that I have to share it. Watch it for a moment as 73 is "painted" in a nice way.

Found at redbubble.net

Meaning of 73

If you search for something like this you get interesting results

The 73 sects resulting from the division of the community of the Prophet: sixty twelve have perished, one was saved.

The Chinese medicine divides the year into four seasons of 73 days and four interseasons of 18 days. Although this division does not correspond to any astronomical reality, the Chinese medicine uses it to treat the sick organs during the season where they receive a surplus of energy allowing it to exert more easily its functions. For example, the liver will be specially treated during 73 days in the spring, the heart during 73 days the summer, just as the lung to the autumn and the kidney in winter. The spleen is treated during the 18 days of interseason separating the summer and the autumn.

Among the abbreviations used in telegraphy and telephony, and which are employed universally, we find the number 73 that has for meaning "best regards". For example, the radio hams, just as the user of citizen band radio (CB), often use it to finish a conversation.

Did you know that??

More is at the source at idingthebeast.com

Mythyrian Numbers

Don't have a clue what this is but the picture looks cool
Found at yugioh.fandom.com

Never thought about this

There is for sure as well a beer with that number on it.


You get the "Zlatý Bažant '73 Beer Light Lager Bottle 0.5 L" at tesco

Music from 73

Ohh yeah - let's see what is there....

Sweet with Blockbuster

Carly Simon with Your're so vain

actually as song I still like

Garry Glitter


This is still cool and I didn't listen is since many years...


Getting more strange makes my private music celebration for the number 73 even more fun....
.... "Dutch prog-rockers Focus giving a breathtaking performance on NBC´s Midnight Special."

go and read the comments at YouTube

Thanks to all Steemians
Now have a great day
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