The Absolute Joy of Flashing Around Your Steem Value

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I came across this article a few days ago. "The Joy of Flashing Around Your Steam Value". I am just getting familiar with the issues on Steemit and like I always do throwing myself feet first into the fray. The article makes a large case, mostly supported by the comments below the post, for changing the code on Steemit so that the value associated with a particular Steemit member is not posted on their profile for public view. You kind of have to check out the post to get the gist of what the argument is but safe to say I disagree entirely. Steemit has the roots of a revolution at its core and that's why I joined. As the saying goes in the Blockchain world, "The code is the law". So here is why I think there is Absolute Joy in Flashing Around Your Steam Value.

I just got here. I probably don't have the cred to set this writer straight meaningfully. But this topic is a philosophical issue. Ever been ripped off by a bank? You know how they do it? They keep everything secret and hidden. In fact lawyers have created a language of their own so that even as they are describing what it is there hiding, they use their own language to do it, so we never really know what they've got on us and how they can use it against us. Sometimes they use latin words in combination with English to make what they're saying even more obscure. Point is, transparency is the way of the future. Without transparency and full personal responsibility and liability this planet is just going to keep making the same mistakes. The largest percentage of the population, whether you have thousands in steam and everyone knows it or not, will be kept in servitude to the banks. If the banks showed what they know about you and how they manipulate you and steal your money, you would be furious. They can only get away with it because everything remains hidden. If you want to remain a slave to fear, hide your value. If you want to be truly rich, show your value and if someone comes after you for it (unlikely, there are millions of people that are much easier to steal from than the people in this community) stand up to them. Stand up to the banks. Stand up to the hidden ones and their hidden knowledge about you. Show them you're not scared to display your value, how smart you are, how talented you are. As Einstein said: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Not being transparent keeps us as slaves. It's a problem.

So there it is. Let the loving begin. cheers, D.

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