Opinion: Jose Mourinho Fired, Solskjaer Caretaker Manager at Manchester United.

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I waited a couple of days to post this because I wanted to take my time to process everything that happened over the past three days. The sacking of Jose Mourinho came as a total shock, not because we were not expecting it, but the timing of it was just totally unexpected.

For previous managers, the board has often waited until top four was mathematically impossible before they pulled the trigger so, why should this be any different with Jose. That was every fans thinking. Personally, ever since the public Paul Pogba fallout, I completely gave up on Jose as the manager of Manchester United and I would have sacked him then.

Why? It was a similar pattern repeating itself. Before he left Chelsea a couple of seasons back he fell out with Hazard, one of his best players the previous season. Before that he had fallen out with De Bruyne and in the same vein, Mo Salah. What is most painfully obvious is that all of this players are very creative and attack minded. They are what you could call free spirits.

Jose is a incredibly rigid manager who prefers specialists over expressive players. Nowhere is this more evident than in United's midfield where Jose would rather have the static Matic and Fellaini in a game against a quick passed Liverpool rather than have the likes of Fred and Pogba start.

His managerial performance this year has all been about him rather than the welfare of the club and the players. Pogba, Bailly, Fred and arguably Luke Shaw were sideline severally for a single poor performance while his favorites started almost every game despite the turbid, boring and lethargic performances they had in a host of games.

He was the type of manager to leave out Bailly because they had a falling out for a Smalling who nearly put a 10 yard pass out of Old Trafford and a calamitous Phil Jones who alternated the match day squad and the physicians table with such a high frequency that it was all a blur. When he was on the pitch he was either scoring worldie own goals or tripping over his own toes.

My conclusion, Jose overstayed at the club. It was clear from the beginning of this season when he started to bemoan the lack of signings and the quality of players he had on tour with him that things were going to just go down hill from there. He even predicted that the season would be a write off even before the season begun. Incredible. Why should have been expecting success from a manager who was already expecting to fail?

All I can say is that, Jose, thank you for the memories, the Carabao cup, the Europa League and the community shield. As much as I would love to have my memory wiped of the last few months, I can only relish in the fact that it will probably never get as bad as that ever again. Goodbye.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as Interim Manager - Good or Bad?


“Manchester United is in my heart and it’s brilliant to be coming back in this role. I’m really looking forward to working with the very talented squad we have, the staff and everyone at the club,” said Solskjær.

From what I have been seeing on social media most of the United fan base is very excited over the appointment while others are incredibly disappointed for Carrick and Ryan Giggs who they would have expected to come in for the last six months of the season. While the disappointment is understandable the appointment is done and frankly doesn't have much implication on the course of the season.

We are already 11 points off top 4 against a group of teams that are incredible form compared to us. The season was a complete write off by the time Jose was sacked so expectations are sub-zero low. Don't get me wrong though. It is highly probable that Manchester United can put together a winning run and continue hoping that teams in the top 4 drops points.

If rumors are to believed, players were especially relieved when Jose was sacked and high-fives were apparently released and a particular four letter word referring to female genitalia was used severally to describe the manager. If that was the case, there was a lot of built up tension in the dressing room that has since been punctured and released. Now, it is time to see if indeed the players were downing tools or there is major surgery needed to remedy the problems at Manchester United.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be joined by former assistant manager Mike Phelan together with Michael Carrick and Kieran McKenna to guide United through the remaining part of the season. Solskjaer will be hoping to impress despite of his lack of premier league experience and i am sure somewhere in the back of his mind he will be trying to challenge for the job in the summer if he were to do well in these 6 months.

I would love to see him do well because the club will benefit from it. The way he manages his players would be something I will be looking at particularly. His football philosophy will also be of interest to most fans because we all want to watch attacking football. We have endured more than 5 years of boring and defense minded football. I dare say we need some heavy metal football to help lift the spirits of the fans.

We look ahead to the game on the weekend against Cardiff, Solskjaer's former team, expecting to see a progressive, fluid and attacking starting 11. No pressure. Throw the likes of Fellaini, Matic, Smalling, Jones, Young, Valencia, Darmian, McTominay and any other Mourinho orphans into the garbage heap and let us see better players come in, even from the youth teams. Players such as Chong and Greenwood should be given a taste of first team football just to gauge whether they have a shot at being promoted into the first team

As a Manchester United fan, those are my thoughts on those events and now it is time to hope for better days. Let us see what happens over the weekend.

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