October competition: Win additional STEEM and delegated SP!

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As our STEEM delegation market is picking up steam (+88% active leases in September), we would like to give you a brief market update. And as a THANK YOU for the support we have received so far, we would like to reward our top Delegators and Delegatees in October. Win additional STEEM and delegated SP!


STEEM delegation market updates

Beside some changes following the STEEM Hardfork 20, we have implemented a few changes based on user requests:

  • 5 Days Cool-down period: With the successful implementation of the STEEM Hardfork 20, the cool-down period for SP undelegation is now set to 5 days. The APR calculation has been updated accordingly.
  • 52 weeks delegation period: Following Delegatee requests, we have enlarged the max. delegation period to 52 weeks.
  • APR sorting: Following Delegator requests, we have enabled default sorting of available lease requests according to highest APR (annual percentage rate = interest).

STEEM Delegator and Delegatee competition October 2018

In the first few weeks of we have encountered very high support and inputs from many Delegators and Delegatees. We would like to THANK YOU for that and reward our top Delegators and Delegatees. Competition period: 04.10.2018 – 31.10.2018 UCT.

1. STEEM Delegatee competition

  • Who wins: The top 3 STEEM Delegatees measured by amount of STEEM spent for filled lease requests will receive additional delegated SP for 2 months (November and December 2018).
    1. Place: 1000 SP / 2. Place: 250 SP / 3. Place: 100 SP

2. STEEM Delegator competition

  • Who wins: The top 3 STEEM Delegators measured by amount of STEEM to be received for filled lease requests will be rewarded for their loyalty.
    1. Place: 50 STEEM / 2. Place: 25 STEEM / 3. Place: 10 STEEM

For detailed information and the overview of the current rankings please visit the STEEM delegation market rankings.

About is striving to become the leading delegation market place for selected Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) utility tokens such as STEEM and EOS. The Delegation Hub aims to connect different stakeholders of the STEEM and EOS ecosystems and thereby foster the growth and strength of communities and help them succeed. Delegation Hub is an independent initiative not associated with any block producer and self-funded.
Please get in contact with us via the channels provided below and visit


Not sure i get this. If i delegate my 1000SP for say 10 STEEM over 2 week what will that be used for and by who exactly?
Also is it safe?
I would suggest a video explaining this idea with the various options. I like to try this but i need more info that explain the webpage and what its all about. I will join your discord and ask more too. Still great that more sites are using STEEM in various ways. Cheers.

Thank you @ma8trix for your feedback and delegation via

Hello. I'm currently delegating 4 sp to your bot. How do I undo that? Thank you

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