Delegatee tutorial: Increase your influence by leasing additional Steem Power

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If you want extra Steem Power for a certain period of time and boost your influence in the community, then is what you have been looking for! We can offer the most competitive rates in the market because we have the lowest platform fees for Delegators: Only 5% in comparison to existing platforms that charge 10% (50% less!). This means as a Delegatee your lease requests will show a higher return (APR) and gets more attractive for Delegators for the same amount of Steem invested!

How can I lease Steem Power?

You can lease Steem Power in 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click on "Create lease request" and fill in your desired lease requirements. The APR (interest rate) is calculated automatically. There are 0% fees for any delegation request.
  • Step 3: Click "Lease SP" and you will be redirected to steemconnect.
  • Step 4: Sign in with your username and private active key and you are done. You will get a confirmation message from Delegation Hub that your lease request has been added.

Your lease request will now show under the tab "available lease requests". Once it is filled by a Delegator you will get a second confirmation message and see the additional Steem Power in your steemit account. For the detailed click-by-click guide, please refer to the instructions below.


For the detailed FAQ, please visit

  • Q1: What happens if my lease request is not filled? In case your lease request is not filled within 5 days, your lease request will be delisted and the original amount of STEEM returned to you.

  • Q2: What if I want to edit or cancel my open lease request? You can cancel your open lease request any time under "Cancel unfulfilled lease request". Your request will be delisted and your invested Steem immediately returned to you. You can now place a new lease request.

  • Q3: What happens at the end of the lease period? You will receive a message before the lease contract expires that allows you to renew the lease contract. If you take no actions, the Delegator will undelegate once the lease period has ended.

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