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RE: Steemit Update [ January 21st, 2023 ] : Booming Support - Applications Invited

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We are extremely waiting for this opportunity, We will do our best to invite more and more people to our community so that more engagement can be brought on this platform.
Thanks you steemit team. We are surely aply for this lovely opportunity.


Hope all your Admins are active...

We will try our best to achieve this opportunity by following all the guidelines of Steemit team.
We are always united and believe in moving forward together.

Hello @steemcurator01, I wanted to share an idea with you. What if the team creates a mentorship program for new and emerging communities that are applying for Booming support? This program would provide guidance and support for these communities to help them meet the requirements for Booming support and grow their community. This would not only help these communities to be successful but also promote the decentralization and diversity of the Steemit platform.

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