Steemit`s Press Independence day

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Hello to all!

In fact, today is a great day! Today is day, that can change press in the world, information security, and as a reward to all content creators

Its Steemit

In addition, it should understand that such a possibility can be rewarding to change the world economy and the welfare gap between the people of the third and first world

I will not write about distant for me to countries like India. I just write aabout my country - Ukraine.
For example, the average wage in the capital, Kiev - 8000 hryvnia. It is about 300-340 dollars a month. And it is the capital of my country. It is terrible to think how many people earn in other regions. Yet, small towns and the national average, this figure - 4585 hryvnia ($ 180).

Now we can understand how this service can help residents third country in the world.

We also need to understand that now journalists can really work for himself. And only write something that really wants.

To summarize, I let's celebrate this day, I want to say! Now that day and for the whole journalist community not only can be as Bitcoin pizza day in Bitcoin ! Call it "Steemit`s Press Independence day"

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