The $8,500 / 100,000 SmartCash Giveaway! Who needs a bull market to have fun?steemCreated with Sketch.

in steem •  7 months ago

What a better way to celebrate me getting off my butt to do a YouTube channel than to giveaway a bunch of money to a bunch of people?! And on 4/20 no less...

Well that's what we are doing folks!

Leave a comment or lots of comments below the YouTube video and include your SmartCash address which you can get at or download the qt wallet from and you will have the chance to win 1,000 #SmartCash per comment.

Obviously please share and like the video as well as subscribe to the channel for more cool content and some crypto wisdom.

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Great initiatieven to grow the community!

SmartCash community is so much fun, I love this Coin and these people!!!

Hope to some day have 1.000SMART!!!


Thanks you in advance!

Upvoted and shared on YT and definitely worth an upvote and resteem here.
This is a very generous offer to promote smartcash .. good luck with your quest

interesting , gotta look into this

It's raining #smartcash! let it rain ....


I am so onboard SiUybaPrpHYiAnx6ZjFkGncbLxtqR4BsZ3! SmartCash is a wonderful project and you are just adding to the love brother! Following and resteemed with upvotes all the way.

The Last Sage

Wow! Santa klaus came early this year + its my birthday today. Double bumper pack for me hehehehe.
Good work mahn! Here is my address: SbvnfsKzz4SvaPkQpuHmhuQ3SaL7DoNM2e


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  • For anyone to use my resteem service, send 0.1 SBD to @abasinkanga + post link as memo.
  • For Smartcash users send 1 SMART + post link as DM to @abasinkanga on discord
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Brother, all your writing is very nice. If you vote for me then I am very good.

This is one of the coolest giveaways i have seen on steemit... and its brought to us all by SMARTCASH... yea!!! Awesome right! You rock mahn! You are totally decentralized on this one @decentralizd. I know its going to go viral... Be ready for the deluge of comments. hehehe!!!

Here is my address: SbvnfsKzz4SvaPkQpuHmhuQ3SaL7DoNM2e

Wow! Thank you @decentralizd. This is a fantastic giveaway. Here is my SmartCash address:


Will you be posting all the videos you make about the giveaway on Steemit?

OMG What a massive giveaway!
I do not have a Youtube account but i sow your video and i will leave a message here and i hope it will count.
I even wrote on Steemit 2 blogs about SmartCash and i know about it from @hannahlicious.
If i will get 1000 SmartCash i will be so happy as i will be able to start getting the Smart Rewards...
Below is my SmartCash wallet:

Waiting SmartCash to the moon while smoking pot! By the way this is my SmartCash address my man!


D its generous , thanks for giveaways !!


I created account and this is my wallet address SSUwhJhgADEQ1VBYSkfCDeDDs8kkKpo3Xc
Hope smart cash will do like smarter and future ..

How generous bro👍 Hope this grows your channel massively and gets a load of people into Smartcash. Who needs the bull market 😂😂 SaKG7U9ERXGXwye9ubAW2D7RgxqzaNk3H8

Very cool giveaway! I hope your channel and SmartCash will grow ;)

Thank you for the opportunity, leave my first comment in youtube SUvXYVQHokr4WCikLEareQXoQxPz3qBa7r

thanks man!


Woooooow this is realllly huge OBoY U5dqs5fiaKrZkASVy8eRCkrQMTioKCD_1680x8400.jpeg
Lets do this



You said what a way to celebrate "Me" is it your Birthday man?


This year make all people panic .... BTC is down altcoin is down
I hope smartcash will be stronger and like a King will be survive

you a great man decentraizd. thanks for everything


Wow awesome giveaway. Smartcash has a great community. I am glad one of the Smarcash community member. Keep it up. Thanks in advance for the opportunity to join this giveaway... Go go go #Smarcash


Upvote and Resteem!!

I hope more people see this publication!

Great initiative!!

Awesome giveaway... one of the biggest giveaways coming through steemit courtesy of SmartCash "the revolutionnaire" Thanks @decentralizd for this!

This is a hella good idea!! 100% upvote!

You did an impressive job on camera for being new to it!

I was hoping to see a link to the youtube channel but didnt.. Hope am not missing anything.. Smartcash is definitely one of the coin that will go on a rally during the bull market,i have seen some unexpected whales talk about it and have it on their blockfolio..
With smartcash the future is definitely bright and smart. It nice to see such massive giveaway. This is really cool @decentralizd


is ready, I subscribed to your channel. If you have some time you could vote for my smartcash proposal

awesome give away program, just hope smart cash still had good price without any dumpers around.
this my addy SbFi8ETEYK25bgwM1zRZt18aTNrpqtVKAq
thank u b4