[Hot News] Steem Blockchain Is Rated as the 2nd Most Competitive Public Blockchain by the Chinese Ministry!! 🎉🎉🎉

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After I read about this post by @kingscrown - STEEM to be rated by China's Ministry!, I tried to google more information and was surprised to find out that the result of the evaluation has just been released this morning!! (source in Chinese here)

What surprised me even more is that our beloved Steem blockchain is rated as the SECOND most competitive public blockchain with a total score of 115.9 among all candidates, including Ethereum (1st place), Lisk (3rd place), NEO (4th place), Bitshares (12) and Bitcoin (13) among others.

The first place is Ethereum without much surprise, but Steem is rated to be the most technological capable (with a score of 82.6!) blockchain of all due to its dPoS technology featuring higher throughput and fast transaction time. Wow!! Let's have a look of all the results:

Global Public Chain Assessment Index

note: the 3rd to 5th column represent each chain's scores in the technological capability, the usefulness of the application and the inattentiveness respectively; the 6th column is the overall score and the last one is the ranking.

The above table is from this Chinese news source:


This evaluation is done by the China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Chinese government and it has been announced that this index will be renewed every month since this very first round.

How exciting!! Isn't it!? Let's spread the news Steemians!!

CN區夥伴們!如果你幾天前有關注這個新聞的話,那麼,早上結果出爐了!哇!咱們的Steem鏈被工信部評選為幾乎是世界第二有競爭力的公有鏈呢!看上面那張表就一目了然,以太坊算是實至名歸,拿到第一。沒想到我們的Steem在分項評估的基礎技術方面拿第一哪!總結果第二名!真是挺激動人心啊!其他結果也可以看看,蠻有趣的喔!以後據說每個月都會更新發布一次,熱鬧了~~ GoGoGo~~~~ 繼續埋頭囤幣吧!^^

[Update] Just found an English news source here.


WOW, this could lead to a HUGE price jump!!!

This is a great news. Steem is definitely one of the great Blockchain public block chains.

Great news!
But, 应用性usefulness of the application, has the lowest rating among the top. What's that supposed to mean? Steem blockchain is not useful?

I think that sub-index is related to how the chain can be used easily by developers/programmers so Ethereum and NEO got high scores as their chain allows smart contracts. IMHO, with the future introduction of SMT, Steem's usefulness of the application can be greatly improved.

Someone with better knowledge are welcome to share your opinions.

thanks! it seems steem blockchain, ironically, is having some issues at the moment... lol

p.s. I've included a new found English source.

Really a good news especially for investors for SMT's especially if the news comes from China which has a great big market that could pull steemit up high from where it is at.



steem的基礎技術第一名哦 ~
基礎打好了 以後就可以浪了 ~


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Super good new! Lets keep Steem at the top!!

前几天也看到 @kingscrown 消息


東西太新,專家們可能都不懂~~~ bts的應用跟創新都拿太低分了,這我同意.... btc用這個評本來就有點怪,應該不要納入的.... 誰能評上帝呢?XD



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