[DCLICK HTML Ad] - Earn Steem from your blog or website!

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Hi Steemians.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the newly launched feature - Monetize By Script

Do you have your own blog or a website? If so, use DCLICK to earn additional revenue. In a similar way to Google AdSense, you can embed html code into your blog or your website and expose ads to get extra Steem.

In the case of SteemIt, the old posts were rarely viewed, so inserted dclick ad into them was not effective. Besides, it was very difficult to change the ad. Now you can add ads to your blogs or website and get more revenue.

How to use it? It is very simple.
Just click, copy, and paste!

1. Click the Monetize tab and then click the Monetize By Script button.

2. Click the first Copy button to copy the code to the clipboard.

3. Paste it in the head tag of the HTML page of your blog or service.

4. Click the second Copy button to copy the code to the clipboard.

5. Paste in the HTML page of your blog or service where you want your ad to appear.

6. Please check the results later.

HTML ads have the following characteristics:

  1. For HTML ads, DCLICK Voting Pool + advertiser's advertising costs are distributed as revenue, unlike the other type of ads published by dclick, so you can earn more money.
  2. More sophisticated logic makes it possible to observe click fraud.
  3. If the Beneficiaries feature to be introduced in the future is applied, it will be a very strong user incentive. I'll tell you more below.

What do you think how YouTube has been dramatically growing in the past? There are a number of factors, but mainly because they have distributed a lot of profits to users, especially creators.

But actually, it takes a lot of work to distribute revenue to users. For example, you have to build your own banking system. But what if you are an overseas user? What about security?

There is one very good solution to this problem - Money transfer system on Steem block chain.

The next update - [DCLICK for Business] will allow you to distribute your profits very quickly and easily to anyone. If you are running your own web business, this feature will be very helpful for user attraction.

We are deeply grateful for your feedbacks and interests also we would like to know your thoughts and more suggestions.

If you have any questions please let us know, we are looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you.

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awesome update, i was waiting for this since you got the tab implemented. i might be covering this in a video!

Shall be trying this out soon!

This will work like a google adsense killer. Looking forward to use your ad service instead of adsense. i have more than 9 blogs with good traffic. great surprise ♥

Great to see you guys (guy :D) expanding the service!

That's awesome @dclick! Thank you! That's how I saw this working when I first heard about it. It's much simpler, and more versatile. Good job guys!

I'll give it a shot :), got something steem related in the works and an ad would be a nice way to support it.

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Just implemented your service, it was very painless, easy and fast! Everyone can do it! Great job

how to do this on wordpress?

thats, good.

Estaremos compartiendo esta info con la comunidad.