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GAPS is a platform built to create a service that allows one to predict events that will likely occur or happen in the nearest future. Gaps is aimed at training AI looking at their intelligence. They aquire data through arguments and use this data to predict somethings that will happen in future 🔮.



Future prediction is not something that can be done by just saying anything that comes from your mouth... Thorough research and collection of data must have been done in order to successfully carry out a perfect prediction of the future.


There are so many issues when it comes to upcoming projects, no doubt. This is the more reason why projects have to state their goals and what they intend to achieve in the nearest future on their whitepaper. Going through the GAPS whitepaper, I noticed that there are problems of

One man sows another man reaps

With the little i understand by this statement is; we the users that will be making use of the project are the ones gathering data that will be used to predict the future 🔮, and there are no rewards given to us because most of the job or work is done by those that gather informations. But instead all the credit and reward goes to the project owners.

All the same GAPS project has a lot in stock to offer and for more information kindly follow this link 🔗

Gaps link


The power to predict the future via AI interactive sections is something the world should embrace