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What does a Steem app have to gain from attending a blockchain conference?

If you haven't heard by now, @steemcreators is partnering with Steemit, Inc. to bring you the initial Global Block Builders conference in Steemit's home town of Austin, Texas this April 10-13th.


Global Block Builders is an opportunity. This is a 4+ day conference that will bring the strong community that Steem has to the enthusiastic investors, students, and established blockchain companies that will attend the conference.

So what does this mean for Steem apps? Steem apps have the opportunity to expand beyond the Steem ecosystem. Get their name and product out there to more people and more blockchain companies that have been around for much longer and know how to expand their business model. Not to mention, Austin is a rising giant in the tech industry.

Network outside the Steem blockchain. Get UT students to play your game, @steemmonsters and @magicdice, or start recommending products on @steemhunt. Get people to start uploading their awesome videos to @dtube instead of Youtube. Do you think there are any startups in Austin that might need some crowdfunding, @fundition? Help normies get rewarded just for walking, @actifit. @steemstem, I'm pretty sure it'll be easy to find STEM professionals and students at a conference in Austin, what do you think? @appics, do you think you anyone takes photos/selfies with their phone in Austin that might like to earn money from it?

Shall I go on?

This could positively impact the whole of the Steem community, not just apps.

Here's a statement from Steemit, Inc.'s Director of Content, @andrarchy:


After getting to know the team behind this conference, it became clear to me that they understand entrepreneurship and marketing and this conference is really geared at bringing that knowledge to those trying to build blockchain-based businesses. I think that's exactly what this space needs, which is why I can't wait to attend. - Andrew Levine


So, Steem apps, if you'd like to join the likes of @andrarchy, myself, @steemcafe, @llfarms, @birdinc, @coruscate, @steembasicincome, @captainbob, @jongolson, @maryjaney, @kenmelendez, @larrymorrison, @freedompoint, @thehoneys, and more at Global Block Builders, here is the website again:

Email me personally at to get you set up with a speaking spot. While you're at it, invest a little for a table so that people will COME TO YOU. Look at that, you won't have to try to hunt each prospect down that way.

This is where I spam tag all the apps so that they might see this:
@steemmonsters, @esteemapp, @steemhunt, @partiko, @busy, @magicdice, @dpoll, @dtube, @smartsteem, @actifit, @steempress, @steempeak, @share2steem, @dclick, @steepshot, @fundition, @tasteem, @dsound, @vimm, @musing, @utopian-io, @engrave, @the1ramp, @steemstem, @steemgigs, @spunkeemonkee, @scorum, @discutio,, @stemq, @smokenetwork, @dlux-io, @steemit-casino, @zappl, @appics, @oracle-d, @sndbox

Upvote and resteem this for exposure if you think Steem can benefit from this.

Have a blessed day. Sincerely,


Grandmaster of Corporate Sponsorships, Global Block Builders

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Great post! It is going to be a big time. I am really getting excited about it! Be well.


I'm excited too. Meet you there!

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Beautiful post man. Honored you are part of the family. Austin here we come. #gbb #ilovethailand #letsdothis

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Honored to be here. Let's do the thing!

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looking forward to this. the steemcreator guys always put on amazing events. this will be no different!!

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Truth. Looking forward to seeing you there.

It just makes sense for the dapps to be there.

The more they are seen offline the better they will do. A great way to get new users.

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This. Agreed.

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Great post and great info shared.
Thanks so much!


Thank you. And you're welcome.

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Love this Dave!! It makes so much sense for them to be there and I love that we as Steemians are getting out of our Steem bubble and I don’t know.. telling the outside world about Steem... your meme made me snort lol.

Looking forward to the event! I still need to send stuff to I.J. though 👀 I will get on that. Thank you guys for all your hard work!


Thanks for the support, Justine. So glad you'll be there with us.

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