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RE: Steem Velocity Hardfork - Hardfork 20

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I have a question about the vote values. According to the statement in there about dustvotes:

Dust Vote Threshold Changes

The Velocity Hardfork will change how the Dust Vote Threshold works by allowing users with any amount of SP to cast votes as long as they have sufficient RCs. Votes that are below the threshold will be posted to the blockchain but they will have no impact on rewards. This will allow users to have a better user experience on all Steem-based applications by enabling them to vote any time they choose (regardless of the size of their vote), provided that they have enough RCs.

This change will make very weak votes become worth nothing. In order to treat all votes (big and small) equally, all votes above the threshold will have the equivalent amount of rewards removed from their vote. This effectively establishes a baseline voting strength that applies to everyone. In addition to making it more fair, there is also the benefit of introducing a slight non-linear rewards curve at the lower end of the spectrum (to discourage spam), while still maintaining a linear rewards curve for votes above the baseline.

Does anyone know what a very weak vote is? Is the current dust threshold still $0.02?

This is an important development either way!


There are two “dust” thresholds, which can get a little confusing.

There is a dust payout threshold, which requires at least 0.02 worth of payout on a post/comment in order to receive a reward. (If the payout is less, it gets rounded down to zero.) This will be unaffected by the changes being proposed.

There is also a dust vote threshold, which is a minimum restriction on the size of votes that are allowed. This is what is changing, as described in the post.

Thank you very much @timcliff for taking the time to explain it to me... I have now explained that to others too... Very helpful!

So, if I have 1000 SP and 100% voting power, that value from my vote is not what is changing, correct?

I want to ask a little about the distribution of rewards for now, where the creator does not get SBD, but 50:50 between Steem and SP. Is this related to what was explained in the above post regarding hardfork velocity updates? thanks sir

Yes. That is exactly what it is from :)

Good question I was wondering that myself.

See response to the parent comment.

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