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RE: Why steem engine is not a replacement for SMT

in #steem9 months ago

Valid points and certainly agree with you here. I think the reason people commented under the steemitblog was out of frustration and lack of progress from the Steem team. Its been a painful and mentally draining experience for Steemians, the Steem token itself has taken a beaten and naturally Steem engine provided that hope. With the announcement that SMT is back on stream quite a few people I spoke with see it as a marketing tool and nothing material would come from it, that's why folks said well we have Steem engine, no need to wait on SMT. I certainly understand your points but got to take a feel for the folks on the platform that has seen disappointment after disappointment. There is also some conflict of interest on the Steem engine folks, they are basically pushing worthless token of hope that realistically would never trade anywhere and taking Steem in exchange, its a messy situation.

We need to really get people to see the value of decentralization and appreciate the value proposition that SMT brings. More importantly Steemdev need to produce something for people to take them seriously and should not feel like the community is demanding to much. Honestly I am not even convince they can make SMT happen at this point.