Steemit Alternative Surfaces on the Internet. Your thoughts?

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DECENT is a decentralized content distribution network that is open­ source and utilizes blockchain to ensure security. It allows borderless publishing of any Digital Content. Intention of the project is to revolutionize Data Distribution on the Internet. To reach its goals, DECENT aims to create a fully Integrated and Trustworthy Worldwide System of Digital Content Distribution in which the communication flow is secured and timestamped by the Blockchain Mechanism.

Focusing on flexibility & sustainable development, DECENT Network provides infrastructure of linked systems which enables to set more intelligent international standards of efficient, cost­ effective & secure content distribution. DECENT Network is an independent system of data distribution. Thanks to the elimination of 3 rd parties from the communication and data sharing process, DECENT keeps full control over the network’s performance. Therefore it ensures high transaction speed and reliability. DECENT was created as a unique network based on its own blockchain mechanism in order to provide the best solutions without being dependant or constrained by the attributes of other softwares.

DECENT has 3 functional roles:
• Authors: writers, music producers, ... (content producers)
• Consumers: readers, listeners, ... (content consumers)
• Publishers: miners DECENT combines several functional layers.

While authors produce content and upload it to the network, publishers are the key element in keeping the DECENT Network up and running. DECENT uses a modified Proof of Stake (POS) mechanism in order to achieve consensus of various nodes in the network. This is based on the stake of space/time ratio provided by publishers (“miners”) and their CPU time spent by distributing keys.

The heart of the solution is the blockchain. Several processes and associated transactions are being designed and fine tuned for the use cases like ­ publishing content, buying content and providing feedback. Underlying cryptography is used to make everything secure, just naming decryption key sharing, various zero knowledge proofs, etc. For detailed description download the whitepaper.

DECENT software sale is a one­time opportunity to become a basic element of Blockchain driven decentralized future of media. Joining the digital revolution and helping DECENT to create the independent publishing platform for everybody around the world.

The software sale is a crucial point in the evolution of DECENT network. It will create the decentralized nature of the network and provide resources for further development. The proceeds from the Software Sale will be primarily used to fund development of the future releases of DECENT, protocol optimization and its maintenance. DCT allows individuals or organizations to buy, sell & share genuine digital content without any third party influence or restrictions. It also serves as an anti spam protection and reward for seeders/miners (or publishers in DECENT terminology). DCT is not just a cryptocurrency. It represents a fuel to the network, a software tool which makes DECENT work.

After the launch of the final release of DECENT Network, tokens will be issued according to the software sale results. Certain amount of the tokens will be allocated as follows:
1,000,000 DCT – Promotion Bounties
3,000,000 DCT – Pre­software Sale Marketing
35,000,000 DCT – DECENT Foundation

The initial value of DCT will increase simultaneously with the software sale progress. Which means the early participants get more for smaller value and apply for higher bonuses.

Source: DECENT Network Aims To Revolutionize Online Data

What your thoughts on this new platform compared to Steemit?

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ICO? I'd like to see a working prototype that people can play with.

Steemit has set the bar so high, it's going to be difficult for these competitors to catch up.

Here is the last video from DECENT on their YouTube page. It's from six months ago and is of their prototype:

My thoughts? No offence but they need to be delivering kryptonite in their next iteration to make a dent on Steemit. I'm sure rivals will emerge, but I've yet to see any serious contenders.... (I do like the name though)

I think we're going to see a lot of Steem clones.

P.S. Your article reads just like a press release - was it? Or have you signed up to Decent and actually reviewed their site?

You posted this article with your affiliate link, i don't know what to think. Articles with affiliate links are not trustable.

Well spotted

Affiliate links are all over the Internet. In fact the "free" Internet is just a series of affiliate links. I don't think an affiliate link makes content inherently untrustable.

That being said, I don't think they above article is going to get much of a payday beyond his author reward. That site looks like it kind of sucks.

According to FAQ has been going since 2015.

Who is behind DECENT?

Founders Matej Michalko and Matej Boda brought the idea of DECENT to realization phase in early 2015. Since then the team of DECENT has grown steadily to a group of experienced developers, designers, marketers, advisors and people who came together to change the future of publishing. Development of DECENT is created by professionals around the globe from Asia to Europe. You can find us in our Team member section.

Affiliate links are Okay so long as the content is original. Otherwise we'll be copy pasting on here all day long. How does that look like?

It was a cross post from our blog, once again we are sorry about it

This sounds very interesting and kind of close to what LBRY is trying to accomplish, yeah?

I don't know that this threatens Steemit as much as it would sit comfortably next to steemit as one of the websites of choice in the future of the internet. I'm all for the decentralization movement though, so I'll definitely look deeper to see what distinguishes them from others.

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It should be. This is immorality.

I don't mind if it is not original. If the original author feels cheated then next time, that author should post it here.😃

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Hey you can always check via email, its [email protected]

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Haha, it is something ... )))

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I think, the one you are portraying here as alternative, i.e., is full of buzzwords and does not bring in anything special to the table to beat Steemit. I'd rather say, has more prospect to be a true competitor as it is based on bitcoin blockchain and reward users with bitcoin.

Steem is very Reddit-esque, but for FB users, I believe the UI might make more sense in a more fb-like crypto network. I'll checkout DESCENT.
I know there were some twitter clones with crypto done on top of NXT, but they are not around. Also even thought STEEM seems like the first, there were others such as ZapChain which was more like Quora.

Right off the bat, reading their site, it's just very confusing and unclearly laid out I feel here I got it immediately, it just makes sense. If I ran across their site without this article, I'd be confused and not make the connection to how I might integrate my content, my creations, with their site.

But maybe it's because of where they are in the process?

Regardless, this is sort of a beast over here and I don't think these two are on the same competitive playing field..they just feel too different.

I believe LBRY is gonna do something similar to steemit although for video. You can check it out at:

it feels as if they are simply trying to do what Steemit has already done except steemit has thought a couple steps ahead - again it will always be a innovation game but ultimately Steem it already has so much invested in it.

I'm happy they haven't used DC as tag, I dislike ICOs thought but I'll be looking into it. Yet you have my flag since I see it's a paste.

Looks cool, more competition will strengthen the ecosystem. Might even serve a different niche too it looks like, maybe more for artists to get paid directly or something.

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👍great post @dashpaymag,steemit is the best

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It will be interesting to see how the launch goes

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