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I recently signed my son up for rock climbing classes, because he has been begging me to be more like spiderman. So eventually I gave in for two reasons, one reason is for him, and another reason was because the price was great. Each class is only around 200 NT or 6 US dollars per hour. Compared to other types of children's classes such as Kungfu or gymnastics which are around 500 NT or 15 USD per hour.



I hope to start tracking his progress, since I rock climb as well it will be a great bonding hobby to have that I can share with him.





He seems to be having a lot of fun.
Talking of spiderman, its really funny, I watched a local movie this week and do you know what spiderman is also known as in chinese? failure 的 man. I thought that was really funny!!

He loves it, especially since I can do it with him. failure man? That is a great name, sadly someone died in Taiwan this week trying to be spiderman.

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