Stemmit has Categories! "Sub reddits" and you can follow people!

I'm looking forward to the same, following tags and people to cultivate my personal stream.

you mean your personal steem, right ? :P

Gotta realize that Steem is only a few months old. Knowing Dan and the team who are working on this, features will come fairly quickly. Reddit does not have the blockchain to sync with either. So theres a lot more pieces to Steem than meets the eye

It's really only a matter of time would be my guess.

As everyone else said, it's very young, I'm sure we'll see 3-4 new UX elements sooner than later. This is a huge project and things must be done in stages.

All good projects are put together slowly, methodically, and thoughtfully. I anticipate great things from this service. Its already shaping up to be good, and its so young.