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RE: A Last Look: @creativetruth Steem Value

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Hi, OK, what's happening with, page doesn't exist. I finally logged into Is there a takeover or something? Where are you blogging now? Thanks.


A lot of people are logging into using the same keys. This lets them post using the Hive blockchain instead of the Steem blockchain.

I'm posting a reply here using It seems to be working at the moment.

Most of us are trying to encourage users to discontinue use of steem, due to the centralization of power in the witnesses 100% owned by Justin Sun. It is a good idea to change your recovery account to someone you trust, because the default is @steem will have to authorize your account recovery, and that is now owned by Justin Sun. and are the main ways to access Hive. You can login using the same keys. They also offer a Hive keychain to stay logged in using a browser app.

At the moment, Steemit is censoring a lot of posts. This reply might get censored on steemit. It is recommended to start powering down, then sell your steem if you are able to do so. Many people are posting on both Hive and Steem. I've joined many who are only posting on Hive. Some people who have not been on Steem for a while are still starting to learn about what happened, and that is why Steempeak is still servicing the steem blockchain, to help combat the censorship and allow people to still login and learn what happened.