The Tao of Steem 1/25/2019

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We went up then we went down since I last posted in effect ending in the same place. We have all gotten a week older. The Steem ecosystem will now pursue selling advertising to cover operating this a good or bad thing? The crypto economy still depends on revenue paid in central bank fiat by all appearances.

The evolved individuals in the world
attract the world and merge with its mind.
The people all focus their eyes and ears;
evolved individuals all act as infants.

  • Lao Tzu

I do not profess to know much of anything about the world of crypto. I am involved yet I am apart. I see and yet do not see. The lesson I perceive is;

The stronger the attachments,
The greater the cost.
The more that is hoarded,
The deeper the loss.
-Lao Tzu

If all the gold in the world were held by one man, it would be worthless as the rest of the world would embrace something else. If all the bitcoin in the world were held by one man it would also be worthless, as the rest of the world will transact with something else. The many must flourish if the few are to benefit.

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