The future of Steemit is live streaming video

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The live streaming Steemit future

Based on information revealed by Dan and Ned on the direction of Steemit, and the addition of profiles, to achieve "small town" social dynamics, I've researched and reached a conclusion that live video is the future of Steemit. This would connect with my previous post about how is doing what Steemit developers should also be doing which is to develop an environment where people can video chat with their selected group of friends or broadcast professionally. The problem is the current iteration of Graphene doesn't seem to be built for that and the question is will the new Graphene 2.0 allow for it?

What was and why could it be a model? was essentially a video broadcast and live stream community. It grew very fast but only achieved 400,000 active users the first year. The developers thought this wasn't good enough so they are redesigning it. Steemit with live broadcasting would be able to grow by an order of magnitude and properly gamified it could be better than anything else out there.

Example Blab broadcast:

What about getting paid to broadcast live content?

This is where Steem can really shine. Blab and other competitor sites cannot offer payment. Youtube does but it's more based on ads. The question is can Steem monetize in such a way that broadcasters and chatters can get paid to share their lives? People will likely live stream more of their life if they get paid more, as we see with reality TV. Life streaming is a future trend which can emerge once the reward incentives are in place. Live content is more valuable than static content but does Steem have a way to handle the live video broadcasting? and are two primary examples to study for sake of learning how to build it, but Steemit with its built in blockchain capabilities can blend rewards into social life. Through this mechanism community can be built indirectly, privately and publicly, in chatrooms and in live broadcasts. Each account will be able to host a video show, a reality show, or just chat with their friends and be upvoted.


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I would say that both "streemed" and produced video would be a better option as streaming is difficult at times and can drag out. Maybe that is why it still isn't the popular mode of video.

People rarely have time to sit and read a post, let alone a long streamed video filled with possible gaps and transitions from interesting occurrences.

Interesting thoughts. I think this idea has legs as you need the server network capacity to drive this and a crypto based system that rewards the content and the network is very powerful.


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The future of Steemit is live streaming video — Steemit

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Just watched the video, as I had no idea of what blab was! Really interesting.

Not to spoil the party, but blockchains are better suited for storage, not live broadcasting.


Each video would be stored if the broadcast finishes or is interrupted.


No, storage is not a good use for blockchains. Streaming also doesn't rely on the blockchain itself, because only the hashes to the video streams stored elsewhere would be on the blockchain. A centralized front end like Blab could work, with a blockchain backend, provided the blockchain itself could scale enough and the centralized portion also scales.

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Upvoted, resteemed, shared..... has a nice ring to it and done the same!

100% agree with you bro i think why not steemtube but on a netflix scale.

I agree that this is a great steemit opportunity. Video streaming with micro-payments would from the platform would be a game-changer. For instance, in South Korea, huge numbers of people watch other people eat. Read about that here.

Very interesting and good idea! Maybe it solves the problem that many of us don't know what could be interesting; but on our way through the day we could share interesting situations; just brooding...

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The future of Steemit is live streaming video — Steemit… /

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Great piece and thanks for sharing. Happy to upvote and share this on Twitter✔ for my followers to read. Following. Cheers. Stephen

if you say this with so much certainty than it must be true! gonna go buy a camera ASAP. Thank you.

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wow, very interesting idea. Whole different avenue. Thanks for posting! I got to think about this one.

This post reminded me of very much....

Hello @dana-edwards, as ever yolu post is a good read and an innovative ides for this community. I think you are totally right about the potential of streaming video. Its one of the most powerful tools of connection there must be on the internet. Connection on a world wide borderless fashion needs to be embraced and used for the better good of all that live here. upvoted no problem this. Steem On Dana !

I think that there are merits to live stream but not on Steemit. If they wanted to build a social network going in that direction, then they wouldn't have made a blogging platform. Furthermore, as quick as graphene is, I doubt that it will be able to handle one to many video streaming. A recent blog post about graphene 2.0 mentioned the already large resource consumption, and that's just to serve text! Now think about what is required to broadcast video.. The throughput/bandwidth requirement is of the order millions of times greater for video than for text.

Technical challenges aside, I don't believe that the success of steemit rests on changing it's fundamental form of medium shared.

All the successful social networks in recent years have avoided trying to be everything because they've chosen their niche, and made sure they do that very well.

Think about the success of all the social networks today, and why they became successful.. They found their niche, became behemoths within that niche, influenced enough people to come join.

The inherent difficulty in steemit is that it's niche is blogging, and that it requires a reasonable level of writing ability. Not all people who join social networks are about content creation nor are they necessarily good writers.
To change the format of the content published would make determining the already subjective and abstract value of a post much more difficult than it already is.


It's not so much that Graphene 2.0 would have to broadcast video. There are centralized ways of managing that and decentralization of video does not require the blockchain data structure. The blockchain data structure is mainly going to be for reputation, rewards and other chat gamification features which require it. So you can have a centralized front end which is a live stream or broadcast site like Twitch or Blab, while connecting it to Graphene 2.0.

Blogging primarily in text is not future proof. Life steaming is the future. People are moving to video and we have to accommodate the people like @craig-grant who prefer to communicate in the video format. Live video is better than produced for building community and for Steemit.. Determining value of a live stream is difficult and bots wont be able to do it but a human has preferences. If you watch people eat food, you can determine pretty easily which stream you prefer. You can even set it up so that the time you spend viewing will automatically upvote if beyond a threshold.

Yes, this is going to be a big component and was just looking into this for steemit.

Smart girl here. Super funny and interesting. Informative. Reblog! And follow.

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we need steemq to have decentralized video sharing!
it will be difficult c hallenge too host streaming video over blockchain etc