Steem+Coinbase: Why isn't Steem already listed on Coinbase?

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Considering Coinbase just added an obscure ERC20 token 0x it got me thinking why isn't Steem integrated into Coinbase? The amount of people using Steem is probably greater than most of the other tokens listed on Coinbase currently. Most people probably cash out via blocktrades and or Bittrex and then transfer to Coinbase anyway. If Coinbase simply directly accepted Steem they would save everyone time and transaction fees so win/win.

Maybe it's time to push to get Steem on Coinbase? And of course continue discussions on how to improve Steem as a product. In my opinion economic changes need to be made.

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I totally agree that Steem would make a fantastic addition to Coinbase. I read their Medium article about their new coin listing process, which is currently free but may incur a fee in the future. Here is the link to the article: . The form required to list is a Google Forms application and has to be submitted by a "founder or developer", a "major investor (over $1M)" or an "executive or employee". Now would be the time to make that application.



Thank you for the nice upvote on my comment. I've been reading some more of your articles on your blog. You make valid points on a variety of subjects!

It's so hard to sustain the focus. Wish there'd be people talking about it during steemfest..


You're right @kevinwong. Steemfest should have a discourse on the Economy of STEEM


Agree and we have to stpread aroud about listing steem on coinbase let's see where it leads to.

What Coinbase cares about is transaction fees and with the large number of users Steem has it would make sense for Coinbase to list it.

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Is there a push method in the liking of netcoins? If not, how then do we push for it to be listed on coinbase?

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Great idea!

Quite and apt reflection. I think it's time we start focusing on the grand acceptance of STEEM in all coin exchange platforms. May be we also make personal efforts to suggest to the exchange platforms on why STEEM should be listed. Sometime earlier, I communicated with Luno wallet for the inclusion of STEEM in the coin exchange list. The response was positive though they promised to consider that in due course.

I agree @dana-edwards it's TIME We Were on the most frequently used on boarding Ramp from FIAT to Steem. Come on CoinBase what's the hold up ??

I believe it's a top coin they plan on adding although no one really knows b/c they cannot disclose. They add BAT next then a few more ERC20's.

Hopefully Steem is soon. If they don't list Bittrex among others maybe Gemini will add direct fiat gateways to Steem.

There's too many Users here not too and it's a quality project with many communities forming here for future.

Ox has 96 trading pair in various market.
#steem has 21 trading pair in various market.
We need to spread our wing and push the availability more.
Then our growth will be exponentially high.

I agree! We need to raise this issue on the SteemFest.