Counterfeit "likes" on Facebook, an exploit which cannot happen so cheaply on Steem

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A new article shows that Facebook was vulnerable to exploitation of it's "like" economy. Fake "likes" have been generated by bogus accounts possibly to manipulate public opinion.

Working with a computer scientist at Facebook and one in Lahore, Pakistan, the team found more than 50 sites offering free, fake "likes" for users' posts in exchange for access to their accounts, which were used to falsely "like" other sites in turn.

What this goes to show is that Facebook being a traditional system is insecure from attack. We cannot know whether likes are real or fake. Theoretically you can know for sure likes are real or fake on a Steem based platform because a Sybil attack has an economic cost. So at least in theory Steem offers an advantage in that.



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Reminds me a bit of the times of myspace, there used to be these chains you would get into to increase your contacts that had nothing to do with actually creating a following. It was completely self defeating because if you are trying to sell a product (musicians would do this all the time) none of those bots are actually buying.

With Steem each upvote holds a different value which makes the system far harder to abuse by reducing a large group of bots power.

Don't we have upvote bots and fake users here that do the same? All social networks are plagued with the same issues. People always find ways to circumvent and manipulate a system. A Sybil attack is not necessary for that.

Yeah but those bots have to pay for it.

Bots don't pay for the votes, users transfer them steem or sbd. So is the case with Facebook, you can either pay out or let them use your profile as a proxy.

Steem likes have reward in SBD, and absolutely right like in facebook can change public opinion, Steem have a secure system and not possible to generate fake votes, It is possible in future facebook will also show its own block chain.

Well...... Technically Steemit has fake likes because there are users offering upvotes in exchange for SBD/Steem, so we can buy likes or upvotes just like people do it on Facebook or Instagram

Actually in steemit you have a x number of pause seconds between upvotes, that limits a possible weakness here. About facebook, sadly can be true and has become one of the greatest social live experiment where manipulation is part of its nature.
Stay safe and get paid, use steemit and youll be ok :-)

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Facebook has so much toxic crap I don't even know why people would want to like all that garbage in the first place.