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RE: Gods Unchained // The "right" game built on the wrong blockchain

in #steemlast year (edited)

I bought GU genesis cards in October 2018 for 2 ETH.
Tried the game a few times but just didn't click for me. So I decided I will just hodl the cards and hope their value increase.
The market opened like a month ago.

Meanwhile I have been building my packs on SM, buy, sell and played the game all the time. It is also a web based, no installations etc ... soon we will even have mobile :) .... GU seems a bit more nice on graphics though.


Yeah, even trading on SM is fun because you can flip the cards, try and make some money that way.
Ill probably hold GU cards as well since most arent even worth the fees. Ill prolly just sell a few of the more expensive ones.